Skrill Casinos Online

What is Skrill?

It is an online payment method that helps you to perform money transactions all over the world. The system can be accessed online, and you can send or receive money without any trouble from around the globe. You can also use your account for shopping at different online stores, pay for different kinds of services, or to gamble in a casino. Creating a Skrill account is really easy. You just have to go to their website and sign up with your information that includes your name, email address, and a password. Once you have created an account, you have to verify your provided details by uploading your proffered official documents, for example, your passport. Once approved you can link your Skrill account with a bank account and use it for depositing or withdrawing money. It is quite popular among the online gamblers because the Skrill casinos provide a number of bonuses to the players using this payment service.

Advantages of Using Skrill at Online Casinos

There are a number of advantages of using this payment option at online casinos as it is much more secure as compared to the traditional payment methods. We have created a list of these advantages which is as under:

∙ Privacy

Most of the online gamblers don’t want to share their identities with the casinos. This payment method keeps your personal information safe, and it isn’t shared with any third party including the casino even if you are making a payment using this platform.

∙ Instant Access

Your funds are always reachable. You can even keep tabs on your funds online and access your account with a few clicks.

∙ Acceptability

The platform is highly acceptable all around the globe which is one of its biggest advantages. It is acceptable in 40 different countries, and you can use the platform in 200 different languages. So it is a payment option having a global reach which is often required by players accessing international online casinos.

∙ Casino Bonuses

A number of casinos offer bonuses for the players using this method for deposit and withdrawal of funds. Bonuses differ according to the difference in the amount of deposit to the casino.

∙ Customer Support

In case of any issue, you are assisted by the customer support team of the platform which is available 24/7 for the customers. There are different ways to contact the support team, and you can choose between them. If you want quick assistance, you should use the call option, or you can also email the team regarding your problem.

Disadvantages of Using Skrill at Online Casinos

Every payment method has its Pros and Cons. Similarly, there are a few disadvantages of using it at online casinos, but the advantages definitely outweigh them. Let’s have a look at all of these disadvantages:

∙ Fee

There is a fee being charged during each deposit and withdrawal. So you will have to spend extra money every time you use this payment method on an online casino. Although the fee is quite minimal, still it could be worrying for a few players.

∙ Acceptability Issue

Although this payment option is accessible in 40 different countries, there could be still a few casinos which do not entertain it as a valid payment option.

How to Deposit Funds in Skrill?

There are several options available for you if you want to deposit your funds using Skrill UK.You can use your debit card or credit card for this purpose. It is one of the most popular methods for depositing funds. There is a 1.9% fee for processing all the major credit and debit cards. It is necessary that your credit or debit card is verified through the official casino website in order to use this method.

1. There is also an option to avoid any kind of processing fee which is known as wire transfer method. It is not a simple process though as it also includes your bank to play its part. You have to start the transaction with your bank account providing the details. The whole process can take around 2 to 5 days.

2. There is also local funding available in different countries. You need to check that whether your country is on the list, of supported countries or not. If your country is on the list you can easily utilize an automated bank transfer or a cheque.

3. You can also use 3rd party online payment services or credit cards not known internationally. Almost all of these options require you to pay some kind of fee.

How to Withdraw Funds from Skrill?

It provides its customers with multiple ways to withdraw their funds. In order to perform the action internationally, you can do it through postal cheque or a wire transfer. You can also use an automated transfer, transfer to your debit or credit card, or a courier cheque. There is a different fee for each of these withdrawal methods, so you need to find the one that is most suitable for you.

Skrill FAQs

1. Is Skrill Safe to Use?

Answer: It is known to be one of the safest options for deposit and withdrawal of funds. Instead of giving your bank details to an online casino you can use this option to safeguard your personal details.

2. How Do I Fund My Skrill Account?

Answer: You can use different options which are visible to you once you open your account and click on “Upload” in the “Account Overview” tab. You will see a list of deposit options which include credit or debit card, manual bank transfer, instant bank transfer, Neteller, bitcoin, Rapid, Klarna, or Paysafecard. For any bank transfer, you need to add a bank account with your account. Each option carries a fixed percentage of fee you have to pay while making the deposit.

3. Is It Free to Open a Skrill Account?

Answer: Yes, it is free to open an account, but you have to pay a small fee whenever you make a deposit or withdraw money from the account.

4. Are There Any Skrill Limits?

Answer: If your account is verified then there is no limit for depositing or withdrawing funds, but if you have an unverified account you will not be able to use the service after sending or receiving few hundred pounds.

5. Can I Deposit Money to an Online Gambling Site via Skrill?

Answer: Yes, you can deposit money to an online gambling store using this method and even win Skrill casino bonuses.

6. Are There Any Fees When Using Skrill?

Answer: Yes, you will have to pay a small fee for every deposit and withdrawal most of the times using this payment method, but there isn’t a fixed fee for using the service.