Top Online Betting Sites

Canadians love all kinds of betting games like sports betting and gambling games where they can win loads of money. So you will find many betting sites in Canada where you can sign up and bet all you want. Since there are many online betting sites in Canada, it is very perplexing to choose just one of them. Different sites offer various kinds of gambling options like betting on football or cricket. So you have to know the special features of the sites before you sign up. Generally, sports betting means you have to bet on the teams that have a greater probability of winning the match. So you will have to follow the sportsbook given on the websites to have an idea about which teams are stronger. It will help you with betting on the better players.

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These betting sites have various types of terms and conditions along with different security measures. So if you are planning on playing with real money, you should always check the licenses of the sites. You should avoid playing on betting websites that do not have proper security features. In this top Canadian betting sites review, you will know all about the best bet sites in Canada, so carry on reading till the end.

How Do We Choose the Betting Sites?

The Canadian betting sites that we recommend are handpicked from hundreds of other betting sites.  We choose the sites after rigorous analysis of the special features and key factors of the sites. The first thing that we examine in any gambling site is the security and privacy policies. Online betting Canada legal sites should have valid gambling licenses. This way, they provide strict security policies so you can make deposits with real money safely. They offer many deposits and withdrawal options so that the players can make casino payments.

We also take into consideration the bonus and promotions that they offer so that you can get some extra benefits. We check how to access these websites from all types of mobile devices like Androids, iPhones, tablets, etc. On our list, you will find online betting sites with a wonderfully sorted gaming interface. They all offer various sports for betting. We also look for websites where you can make payments in several currencies and which support many languages. So you can reach customer service in your mother tongue and place the bets in your currency without worrying about the currency conversion rates. Thus we choose only the best betting sites where you can place bets using many payment methods and use many currencies. So you will have to follow the sportsbook given on the websites to have an idea about which teams are stronger. It will help you with betting on the better players.

Safety and Security

Every player who wants to try sports betting should choose a safe and secure website so that they are not cheated out of their hard-earned money. This is why we have listed only the most secure betting sites where you can make payments without any worries. All the websites we recommend have a valid gambling license from the leading gaming authorities. Legal betting websites should also have an advanced data encryption policy, so all your transactions are encrypted and secured from third-party organizations. They have strict rules and regulations for the bettors, and if you follow the rules and regulations, you will have a seamless gambling experience.

Deposit Options: Funding Your Account

If you follow the sportsbooks from the list, then you can fund your casino and betting account through many payment options. All these websites allow players to fund their accounts using credit or debit cards along with MasterCard and VISA.

If you have an eWallet account, then you can also use digital payment providers like Neteller, Skrill, PayPal, or GPay. It is very easy to fund your account using these eWallets as they have an easy user interface that everyone can use. The payment is processed instantly if you use Neteller, Skrill etc., and so you can immediately start placing wagers on the sports events. All the sites that we recommend have many ways to fund your gambling account.

Extra Benefits: Bonuses and Rewards

Although different betting sites have different offers and rewards, most of the websites have a huge signup bonus that the players can receive after creating an account. So many gambling websites offer a 100% deposit bonus, and if you deposit CAD 100, they will offer you another CAD 100. They also offer many subsequent promotions where you can get discounts while making parlay bets or futures. So you can get rewards while betting on UFC sports like boxing or NBA and NHL leagues like basketball and hockey. You will also get many free bonuses if you wager on NFL games like football or soccer.

Smartphone Betting

Many online bettors place wagers not only on their desktops and laptops but also through their mobile devices. Many people like to gamble while travelling to new places through their mobile phones. So it is very important to find a betting website that offers mobile gambling. If you use the sites that we recommend, then you can place bets in horse racing or other national sports through all types of mobile devices. If you face any problems while using your smartphones, then you can read the instruction manual to solve the problems.

Customer Care: 24/7 Availability

Since there are many betting games where players can wager their money, many people can face some trouble while placing bets. In these situations, you can get in touch with the website operators through their customer service. All the websites that we recommend have round-the-clock customer service availability. You can ask for their help through live chat or by sending them an email. You can also contact them by phone if you have some immediate problem regarding placing bets. So the mark of a good gambling site is that it will have a responsive customer support team who help players while they play the betting games.

Tailor-make Your Wagering Experience: Languages and Currencies

People from all over the world try their luck at the biggest sports events, so the players must be able to access the websites in their language. Not all gambling websites have several languages, so it becomes very problematic for the players to understand the betting rules. Thus if you want to have the best experience, then choose the sites from our list as all of them have multiple language availability. So you can effortlessly see the home page of the website in your preferred language. These websites also allow their customers to place bets in several currencies like the Canadian dollar and US dollar. So you will not have any problem while placing bets in your currency.

Bonuses and Promotions

One of the best reasons to choose a gambling website from our list is that all the sites offer super big bonuses and promotions to all their players. First of all, you will get a huge betting sites sign up bonus when you create an account with them for the first time. It can include extra cash or other special features. Utilizing the betting bonus offers gives more money to bet with. These websites also offer daily bonuses in the form of free bets with low wagering requirements.

Some of the sites also offer no risk matched betting where you will be able to push wagers without having to spend any money. With this, you can place your bets without having to worry about losing lots of money. Many players also love placing FanDuel risk-free bets after signing up for the first time.

Finding the Best Odds in Canada

If you are new to the gambling industry, then before you start betting, you should know about gambling odds. The concept is very similar to shopping as you will find the same product has different prices at different shops. Similarly, the betting websites offer various types of odds that can help the players while placing bets. You can use a betting odds calculator to find the odds that are provided by the websites before placing your bets.

The sites that we recommend have the best betting odds for the players, and so you can win loads of money. You can visit several websites where you will find the betting odds explained. There are mainly three types of betting odds, fractional, moneyline and decimal. These odds are just three different ways of saying the same thing, and you can convert the odds from one type to another by using the odds calculator.

Type of Bets: Betting Options

You can place all types of bets like line bets and bets on all the major MLB leagues like baseball and tennis championships. A good betting website should offer to bet on various college sports and federal leagues so that the players can choose from a wide spectrum of gambling games. You will also find many betting sites that focus on special NCAAF league tournaments that are full of entertainment. Thus if you follow the sites that we recommend, then you will be able to bet on all the major professional sports events as well as the public college sports matches like golf.

Live Betting: In-Game Wagering

With the rise of new technologies, new betting techniques and methods are being introduced to betting websites. One such new addition is live betting online, where you can place bets as the game is going on. Generally, people place their bets before the game begins, but in live betting, you can see the information about how the match is going and can place your bets in real-time. These websites have a tracker that uploads the current match information to the websites. So you can select the best live betting sites and place in-game wagers while the match is still on.

Mobile Betting

Long gone are the days where the punters had to sit in front of their computers for hours to place bets and wagers. Now there are many mobile betting apps Canada where the players can place bets while on the move. So there is no need for you to sit for hours confined in your home as you can place bets while travelling through your mobile phones.

These days mobile online betting is the new trend as the players can download any betting app on their smartphone and play as much as they want while going to other places. So if you want to have the best mobile betting experience, then you should follow the websites that are on the list. You will be able to access the sports gambling websites from all types of mobile devices like Android smartphones and tablets as well as iPhones and other Apple products. Thus ditch your old computer and use the latest smartphones to get a seamless mobile gambling app experience from anywhere you want.

Payment Methods

Since the punters will be using real money to place their bets, they should choose a website that accepts many payment options. Thus if you face problems while using one payment method, you can shift to using another method. Most of the betting sites have a wide variety of available payment options that includes the traditional as well as the modern ones. So you can make payments using credit cards and debit cards along with several eWallets.

Most of the betting sites offer the latest eWallets as the payment option like Neteller, Skrill, PayPal, Trustly, ClickandBuy, Paysafecard, and MuchBetter. So you can create an account with any eWallet provider and can use that account to make fast payments on the websites. If you use eWallets, then you can instantly make deposits and withdrawals from the websites without having to enter your bank or other details. So most punters prefer a gambling website where they can use multiple payment methods for easy wagering.

Credit\Debit Card PayPal
Neteller ClickandBuy
Skrill Paysafecard
Trustly MuchBetter

Customer Support & Services

If you have problems while accessing the betting sites, contact the customer support team for instant help. All the sites that we have listed have very helpful customer support and service teams. Having trouble while placing your bets? Want to know some detailed information about the event before placing your bets? The support team is eager to help through channels like email or by phone. Most of the betting sites have contact numbers, and you can call them directly to clear your doubts. You can also send them an email if you do not have any urgent issues but still want to clarify some points.

These customer care teams are available through a live chat option. So if you play on a website that has a live chat option, then you can instantly talk with the support team by sending them a message. They will immediately give you a reply about how to solve your problems. If you choose the betting sites from our list, you can be sure of professional customer service.

How to Identify Fully Licensed and Legal Betting Sites in Canada?

Betting in Canada is widespread, with safe and legal betting sites offering their services. Since punters use real money to place their wagers, they should select a website that has a valid gaming license. Online sports betting Canada legal websites operate under the gaming license. A valid gaming license is issued by the leading gaming authorities. Generally, you will find the license number in the ‘About Us’ section or at the bottom of the site’s main page. Legal betting site complies with legislation and gambling rules. So, you can be sure it follows privacy policy and fair practices. However, you should check if gambling is legal in your province or area.

You can also follow the reviews given by other players on Twitter or betting news about the betting legal websites to know about their legality. Some of the players also like playing on offshore-based websites like DraftKings. Nevertheless, international websites should hold a proper license too.

The betting Canada legal sites support responsible gambling. There is usually a special icon leading to independent charitable organizations to prevent possible risks of online gambling.


So on this betting sites Canada list, you will find all the leading betting sites in the market where you can place your bets through many payment options. All these sites have several payment providers as their partners, so you can make payments through your preferred payment mode. You can place single as well as multiple bets for the sports events so that you can get more points.

Moreover, the websites that we recommend have a valid gaming license, and you can open their homepage to see their site logo and accreditations. If you are looking for some expert betting tips, then you can talk to professional bettors and gamblers. You should always watch several matches and their outcomes before placing your bets so that you can have the best picks. It is better to watch the entire series of any sports and bet on the final match as it increases your odds. Get the best action with the betting sites recommended by us.

Canada Online Betting FAQs

Is online sport betting legal in Canada?

Yes, online sports betting is completely legal in Canada. But you should always choose a website that has a valid gambling license to avoid any legal problems. Each Canadian province and territory has its own stance on sports gambling. So, check the website’s valid license.

How do betting odds work?

Betting odds help the players to calculate the chances they have of winning at specific sports events. Sometimes the odds are given in a fraction format like 2/1. Thus it means that if you bet CAD 1 on the first team and it wins the match, then you will get a total of CAD 3 in return.

Is it safe to bet online?

Yes, it is completely safe to place bets online if you are playing on a legal betting site. If you bet on a site that has a valid gambling license, then you can safely invest money.

Can I bet on sports online in my province or territory?

Yes, you can bet on sports online in your province through international betting sites or local sports betting sites, given your province legalized it. Many Canadian gambling sites offer to bet on territorial sports events.

Are there mobile betting sites available for real money in Canada?

Yes, there are plenty of mobile betting sites in Canada where you can place bets through your mobile phones. You can use all types of mobile devices like Android smartphones, iPhones, and tablets to place bets.

How do I claim my sign-up bonus or free bet?

You will have to register to create an account on the betting website and deposit some money. After that, you can claim your sign-up bonus and free bets.

How do I place a bet online?

You have to search for an online betting website on the internet and create an account. Then you will have to make a small deposit, and after that, you can place bets online.