eSports Betting Canada

Esports betting Canada is where gamers mix with gambling. Esports stands for electronic sports. These are primarily multiplayer video games that can be played with other people either through local co-op or online parties. Now, Esports betting allows you to win money from watching.

You can bet on which team is going to win. See which player can score the most points. There are many popular video games that have professional tournament leagues—contests where they see who can be the best player of the game. Start gambling on your favourite team to win money.

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The Best eSports Betting Sites

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How to Choose Your Best Esports Betting Site

Choose the best Esports betting sites from a range of aspects. Decide which ones have your best teams. Look at which ones host your favourite games. See which has easier betting functions. First-timers should look for the easier ones to use. That way you can learn everything you need to know. Online guides can help with this. Betting on an Esports game involves more than just watching. The best ones will have faster load times and more polish. They will have official recognition. Look for this registration to see for yourself. The more official it is, the better the wagering.

Higher Betting Odds Across Many Esports

The best sites will have many games to choose from. This can give you more options. The more odds you have, the better your decision will be. The higher the odds, the better chances of winning. Even a million can be won.

Live Streaming and Live Betting

This will take place in real-time games. The bets can be made while the match is happening. This allows for exciting gambles from the bettors. Risks are higher, but rewards will be bigger. Anything can happen during a live match. Make sure to keep watching the latest news.

High Cash Outs

Esports can have some of the biggest cash payouts. A lot of them hinge on the performance of the team. Canadian sites will have the best options. You can win big money from a team win. Use the information wisely to make smarter bets.

Quality Esports Betting Promotions

Keep an eye out for promotions. These are bonuses to help you win more. They can also offer boosts to your beginner bets. Promotions can give you free gambling. They can also give you a bigger boost to your payouts.

Clear and Fair Esport Conditions

Always be sure to bet safely. Safety and security are a top priority for all betting sites. Read the terms and conditions to learn information. Well-known sportsbooks will keep private information safe. The privacy policy in place with customer support assist this. Fair wagering for all players included. Contact them for any questions to answer.

Esports Betting Odds

Most betting odds explained are in a fractional format. The use of fractions makes calculations easier to handle. Percentage betting odds also work but are rare. The fractions can give you a standard formula. The use of decimals is different, but the fundamentals are the same. To be a better bettor, you need to learn these math tips. This can help you make more informed decisions when betting. Most of the bets will be placed on teams. These are the easiest odds to calculate. You have to determine which odds are positive or negative. Negative odds make you lose money. Positive odds help you earn a profit.

Here is a guide on how betting odds work. Say if one team is worth 5/1, and you bet CA$20. If that team wins, your prize value is 20 x 5. This means you have won CA$100. If you had bet on the opposite team, it would be different. The odds will be referred to 1/5. If you bet CA$5.00 and they win, the payout will be CA$6.00. It will be one additional Canadian dollar. Everyone is a winner with these odds. However, the bigger numbers always lead to bigger wins.

Esports Betting Bonuses

Bonuses are a huge part of gambling. They can help many players gain more cash than regular means. The types of bonus deals will depend on the website. Some will have daily or weekly deals. Others will have match-up bonuses or free bets. Triggering them will have different wagers required. You will need to look at the site first before deciding. The best betting sites will have the most to offer. Be sure to check review sites to see the latest updates. Stick with an Esports site long enough to be rewarded in other means.

Free Bets and Matched Deposits

A free bet is essentially betting without spending. You don’t need to wager any real money to win. It can lead to free wins with no losses. A matched deposit is when you are given more to bet. It matches whatever you originally deposited with a percentage amount.

Triggering Your Esports Bonus

Most bonuses require commitment. A welcome package will be offered once you sign-up. Register an account to make a deposit. Once a deposit is made, the bonus is granted. Some have harder requirements to meet, gaining a specific number of wins, for example.

How to Choose Your Best Esports Betting Site

The best Esports betting sites have everything you need, whether it is great customer support or varied options. The key is to look for the official verification—a logo or icon which showcases its legality. The law that they follow will determine what is allowed. This can usually be found at the bottom of the home page. The next thing to look for is the content. Check to see what kind of games they cover. Esports have many video game tournaments. Some will have games you are more knowledgeable about. This can help you understand what to place bets on.

Look for other services they may have. You should check to see if they have any promotions. Promotions will make matters more exciting. You can gain an exclusive deal that gives you the best odds. Check what languages they support too. If they don’t support your own language, this can make things harder. Currencies and payment methods must also be checked. Sign up for one that has your finances respected. It will make transactions go a lot smoother. Withdrawal limits may also differ with each site. Register for one that has most of what you need tailoring to your individual interest.

Best Esports Betting Markets

A betting market can make up different Esports games. This is where you choose your favourite game league. There are so many to choose from. Only some will support gambling, however. The sportsbook will determine what can be gambled on. Canada Esports betting will have its own selections. Many of them are held all over the world. You can choose to bet on your favourite country. A lot of the tournaments are on an international level. The games themselves all play differently. Some are shooters with PvP (Player V Player) matches. Others are MOBA’s, which stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. Here are the best games to gamble on:

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike Global Offensive is also known as CS GO. It is a tactical team shooter. Call of Duty (COD) and PUBG are something similar. The CS GO Reddit is popular with fans for new strategies. CS GO Esports Betting is growing popular for easy team bets.


DOTA 2 is a popular MOBA to play. Teams of five will battle against each other with “heroes.” Many consider it to be the best game for playing. DOTA2 Reddit states it has rewarding gameplay. Millions of players make up its community.

League of Legends

Another popular MOBA game. League of Legends Esports is very popular with its variety. Play as magical characters with unique abilities. LoL Esports even have the most famous teams around. Visit the best betting sites to experience Esports betting League of Legends.


Overwatch is an incredible shooter-style MOBA. There are tons of characters with different roles and powers. It is similar to classes from games like Warcraft. The Overwatch League is popular with game-developer Blizzard. Esports betting Overwatch has many options to choose from. The “Play of the Game” feature is a popular bet option.

Starcraft 2

Starcraft 2 is a real-time strategy game. The player can command space armies to battle against one another. It became quickly popular at Esports events. Is Starcraft 2 free? Yes, it is. However, additional content must be purchased. This includes expansion adventures and cosmetics for characters. Esports tournaments will have content paid for in-advanced.


Fortnite is very popular with kids. However, Fortnite Esports has grown even more so with adults. The Epic Games Fortnite leagues have an immense following. Epic Games run the competitive contests themselves. Unfortunately, the popularity appears to be diminishing. This is due to a lack of competitive initiatives.

Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege is another shooter game. This Esports event has gone on for many years. It has earned its name as one of the leading titles in the genre. The Rainbow Six Siege Reddit contains a vast community of players. Commission users state there is no other traditional shooter game like it.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a fresh new title for Esports. It is another character-based shooter game. This gives it similarities to Overwatch. Is Apex Legends cross platform compatible? It is, with coverage from both PlayStation, Xbox and PC. EA Esports is the current proprietor of these events.

Heroes of the Storm

Another Blizzard-title MOBA game. Players will control fantasy heroes from multiple Blizzard games. The crossover game involves team-competitive gameplay. Reddit Heroes of the Storm is where you can find the best plays. Due to developers leaving, the game is losing its Esports recognition.

Rocket League

Rocket League is a unique racing game. Instead of races, however, it is a football/soccer game. Players use cars to score balls into nets. Rocket League Esports was officially recognized thanks to its popularity. The highest-earning player is Courant ‘Kaydop” Alexandre from France.


Hearthstone is an online card game. Players will use magical cards to summon monsters to fight. The Reddit Hearthstone is where you can find the best deck builds. Esports enjoy it for its individuality. It separates it from other titles in the genre. The best players use money from these tournaments for better cards.

How to Claim Free Esports Bets & Offers

Betting on Esports can be much better when it’s free. Online you can find some of the best offers available. Canada review sites will have those tailored to your area. Millions of players will be claiming these offers. Make sure to stay up-to-date on the news not to miss out. You can find available offers almost every day. The reviews will be updated regularly. This means there is no need to panic if you miss them. Some of them will have different wagering requirements. Read all of the practices carefully not to miss any details. Once you are ready, you can proceed to claim.

Some of them will work with deposits. For example, deposit CA$5 to gain CA$20 free to use. This is, so the site recognizes you first. The offer should not be given to those who might abuse it. As you have guessed, registration is the standard requirement. The legal documents must be needed to properly identify you. This is including financial information and personal details. Proof of identity means the offer will be given to those who use it. Nevertheless, protection is in place to secure the bonus.

Finding Esports Free Bets & Offers

Look online for bonus websites. These will have the latest deals available. The appropriate links will be given to send you there. Information on the free bets will be stated beforehand. Some will have all of the information ready. Others may require you to visit the site directly. Most bonus sites will try their best to get the most info possible. The less visiting of sites, the better. Some casinos or sites similar to a slots casino may also advertise special offers. The links will be included regardless. This is for your own convenience and less searching.

Free No Deposit Esports Bets

This is similar to a free bet. The difference being is that no deposit is needed. Normally, you need to make a deposit to get free money. However, a no deposit bonus means you don’t need to make a deposit. These are offered through a bonus or promo code. Simply type in the code with the betting site, and it will be offered. Some are gained through certain requirements. For example, you can gain access to a promo code if you take part in a PR event. Esports have a lot of gaming events related to contests.

Payment Methods for Funding Your Esports Bets

Esports bets are made through payment options. Different sites will use different methods. These will let you make deposits to be used for bets. When you gain winnings, you can use these methods to withdraw. To make a deposit, you must give your financial details. The details will depend on the method used. Withdrawals may have a limit to them. They may want further verification for withdrawals, documents like a passport, utility bill or more. Here are some of the common methods used:

Credit/Debit Cards (MasterCard, Visa, etc.) A common form of banking. This uses details on the card itself. It connects your bank to the betting site. Credit cards can have more bonus deals.
Electronic Wallet This is a separate account to keep money in. The site will take out money that comes from here instead of your bank. Examples include Skrill or Neteller. Esports betting PayPal is popular. It even works as a sponsor.
Cryptocurrency An alternate form of currency. This converts real money into an online payment. Examples include bitcoin. It can add an extra layer of security to your finances.
Direct Bank Transfer Connect your bank directly to the site. Transfer money over through a fast process. This can allow for quicker gambling. It involves fewer outside sources as well.

Which Esports Betting Site Has the Fastest Payouts?

Tonybet, Betway Sports and 10Bet have some of the fastest betting times. They are one of the best because of their options. They offer withdrawals with the fastest processing times. Some have VIP clubs with faster payment methods. This means you can work towards exclusive bonuses. Sites that understand Esports better can make gambling better—offering options with the fastest payments around. You can place a bet on a match and be paid straight after.


Esports is an exciting new ground for gambling. Normally sports booking deals with regular sports. However, Esports provide more interesting bets. Video games have plenty of different factors—things such as team wins, critical hits, or best maneuvers. Different games use different mechanics. Shooters involve things like headshots. MOBAs involve kill-streaks and base defences. Learn more about games by playing them yourself. Once you understand, you can make smarter bets. Choose your website carefully before you get started. Find amazing deals online from review sites. Have fun with thrilling video game tournaments. The world of gambling and gaming is slowly becoming one.


Is Esports betting legal in Canada?

Esports are perfectly legal in Canada. You can even play on offshore betting sites. This is because there are more options than CA licensed Sportsbooks. They will have a regular sport like NBA and more. You can still choose a Canadian site for placing bets on Esports.

How does Esports betting work?

Use payment method to make a deposit. Betting options will be presented to you. You can place a bet on a player or game. The odds will determine how much you win. The bigger the odds, the better the payout. Withdraw your winnings using a similar payment method.

Where can I bet on Esports?

Place bets on an Esports betting site. Bookmakers will have the best options. They will require a registration login beforehand. Once the details are filled in, you can proceed to bet money. Only some sites will offer Esports as an option. This is because of the recent developments in the field.

How to choose the best Esports betting websites?

Choose by looking up the information. Find the logo of licenses to check legibility. Check out the games to see if they have your favourites, like FIFA. Look at the bet options to see what the odds are. Check to see what bonuses are on offer. The best deals can win you more money.

What are the promo codes?

Promo codes allow no deposit bonuses. This means you can bet without spending any money. The promo codes can be typed in on the sportsbook or casino site. You can gain them from special requirements. Learn about them online to see if you’re eligible.

How to sign up at Esports betting websites?

Visit the site to see the sign-up section. This will require making an account. The account will require personal details. Normally this is just a username, password, and email address. The financial information is needed for deposits and withdrawals. Once details are done, you can start betting.

Which Esports can I bet on from Canada?

Currently, CSGO remains the most popular. The DreamHack and ESL tournaments are the ones to visit. League of Legends is also incredibly famous. DOTA 2 is another good option. The EPICENTER Major has plenty of punter bets to place.