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We understand that many people do not know their way around online slots. If you belong to this category, you are the lucky one because this article will reveal all the essential details you need to know to start it right.

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Types of Slots

Players have a wide range of options when they want to have fun or even invest in slots. Software providers constantly resort to innovative ideas to entertain gamers. Some of the most popular kinds of slots include:

Fruit Machines

These were the pioneer video slots. They are still popular in numerous arcades globally. They are very easy to understand, and just perfect for beginners or gamers who do not like much pressure.

The majority of them appear in the form of windows with 3 rows of symbols and the same number of columns. Symbols typically include playing cards, cherries, bars, and lemons.  Most players start with these slots and then move on to more complex varieties after gaining experience.

Video Slots

These are more elaborate versions of the classic fruit machine games. They mostly have five reels, but some can have 7 or 9 reels, and the slots can feature 50 or more paylines. This opens up more winning combinations so that players can boost their chances to win at every spin. Gamers prefer this type of slots for their arcade-line mini-games, great animations, entertaining audios and opening videos that offer excellent pastime.

Progressive Slots

These made an appearance shortly after the introduction of videos slots. In the progressive slots, a jackpot continues to grow as more people play the game until one of the players hits the jackpot. It works similarly to the lottery. In the beginning, it was only available in a single machine where players could try their luck to earn the cumulative jackpot.

With time, things became more interesting where many machines were linked together to produce even bigger jackpots. This could even be done in different locations to pool money from any slot machines. Linking jackpots makes it possible to accumulate multi-million jackpots that grow skyrocket, and players can hit any of them often.

3D Slots

These are one of the latest slots in the market. They offer rich experience as players get a rare chance to interact with three-dimensional characters while playing the games. These slots also present a narrative feel with different slots having distinct storylines and settings.


These are the most recent introductions into the online slots market. They are highly interactive and give gamers a chance to come up with personal storylines as they spin various combinations of reels. Alternatively, players can also partake in an adventure so as to advance the game. These have numerous features that will keep you entertained for an extended period.

Slots Features

Today’s online slots present a wide array of features that make the games more interesting and captivating. Examples of some important features you can come across while playing the slots include:

  • Autoplay FeatureThis works best for players who do not want to keep spinning manually. Activating autoplay commands the machine to play through the spins multiple times. Players always view results before the next spin commences.
  • Gamble: This feature appears in many slots under different circumstances depending on the specific game. The most common option, however, is where players have to predict the colour or suit of the playing cards that will show on their screens next. The right answers award gamers with double the amount, while the wrong guess takes away all their victories.
  • Bonus Rounds: Many players love this feature. Triggering the bonus rounds means that players get a chance to play a certain number of spins free of charge.
  • Multipliers: These are features that multiply your winning by a stated amount. For instance, a game can award a player with x10 multiplier. This implies that winnings will be multiplied ten times.
  • Wilds: These substitute for the other symbols except for scatters and in some cases bonus symbols. In most cases, a winning combination that features wilds ends up paying highly. There are different types of wilds with varying purposes including regular, sticky, stacked, walking, expanding, exploding, random, and wilds in configurations.
  • Scatter: These are valuable features that tend to award gamers even when they are not aligned on a bet or payline. In some games, you can use the scatter symbol to unlock bonus games or free spins.

Popular Slot Themes

The online slots present different types of themes that gamers can explore. These cater to different tastes allowing players to choose the ones they like the most. While there are limitless options when it comes to themes, some of the most popular include:

Ancient Egypt Themes

Any developer worth his/her salt has released a slot that is based on Ancient Egypt mythology. Developers quench the thirst of players who fantasize the period of Pharaohs, imagine visiting the majestic pyramids or meeting cagey sphynx in a carefree and exciting manner.

Movie Themes

If most people could have their way, they would watch movies as a career. Luckily, there is a way to have fun and earn money with your preferred box-office hits. There are plenty of slots inspired by movies of different genres that include comedy, horror, action, romantic flicks and cartoons among the others. All you have to do is to pick the one that speaks to your heart.

Fantasy Themes

There are multiple online slots that present fantasy themes where players travel to different realms, universities or magical worlds to encounter mythical beasts and sorcery. Most of them carry historical elements as gamers immerse themselves in faraway times and secret places.


Many slots also capture your attention with the adventure elements allowing players to become anything they want to be. From spies, travellers, or tomb raiders, gamers can choose the type of adventure that excites them the most.


Many sports-enthusiasts find sports theme highly attractive. The slots are generally based on different games and activities which may include golf, football, tennis, or basketball.

Slot Series

When talking about online slots, most people usually think about standalone games. However, software providers have gone a notch higher to introduce slot series.

RTP and Volatility Explained

RTP, short for the return to player, is the number that illustrates the amount of every wager that is returned to gamers over a period of time. It is usually marked down as a percentage. The figure is calculated over several game sessions by different players. Games that have a high RTP rate typically award players with better payouts than the ones with the low RTP. You can view it on the paytable on options screens.

Volatility also has a similar concept to RTP. When a game has medium-to-high volatility, it means that wins are usually more seldom but significant. Low-to-medium volatility slots imply that the games provide payout more often but in smaller amounts.

Best Slot Providers and Their Top Games

The slot industry does not have a shortage of providers. However, there are some that have made a mark in the market as being the best slot providers, and they include:


Microgaming is one of the forerunners in online software production. Founded in 1994, the developer has hundreds of games to their name in both location-based and online platforms. Some of their most popular games include Forbidden Throne, Beautiful Bones, Emperor of the Sea and Pollen Party.


Playtech is an industry giant whose presence cannot be ignored in the gambling industry. The software provider is responsible for a vast selection of casino games, which include progressive slots. It has been recognized over the years as a provider of top-notch games. It has also converted some of Marvel’s superheroes into slot machines including The Fantastic Four, Avengers, and Iron Man.


Also known as Net Entertainment, this is one of the service providers that has managed to rise to the top when it comes to game providers all over the world. It has produced and continues to release top-grade games with some of its biggest productions being Wild Water, South Park, Arabian Nights, and Magic Portals.


It is one of the most recent gaming companies that has managed to make itself noticeable among the veterans. It is safe to say that the provider is among the first companies in the 3D realm. Some of the big wigs even had to copy some notes from Betsoft. Some of its notable productions include Black Gold, Mamma Mia, and Charms and Clovers.