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Mastercard Casinos

Casino gambling has taken an all-new model in the form of online casinos. These casinos are finally taking over the roles of traditional casinos. While online gambling gave rise to a number of portals offering different games, there was also a simultaneous need for payments system. One of such payments method is Mastercard which is easing payments for online gamblers. As of date, this corporation remains one of the biggest providers of credit cards all across the world operating in more than 200 countries and across 25,000 banks. One need not be a gambler to recognize Mastercard’s logo and not recognize it.


Mastercard UK was formed in the year 1966, and at the beginning of its operation, it was known as “Master Charge”. The company wasn’t called Mastercard until the next decade in 1979. Since its inception, the brand has grown immensely and currently holds more than $14 billion in assets employing more than 8,000 employees worldwide. The corporation offers both debit and credit card to users which can be used as internationally to withdraw money from ATM’s all across the globe. In the online gambling world, it is used as a major payments system amongst gamblers and online portals. The company made a significant move in the e-wallet business in 2013 with the launch of “Masterpass”. Users can avail this service by simply registering themselves on the portal and linking their existing card. It also owns three major brands including Maestro, another payments method introduced in the year 1980 as well as Cirrus and Mondex that can be used to make payments in digital money. It also has a range of other financial products to suit every individual’s needs and requirements.

Making Use of Mastercard

Mastercard casino doesn’t need one to register themselves in order to make payments like most e-wallet methods. Like the name itself suggests, gamblers only need to make use of their cards in order to make payments.

  • Credit Cards: These are one of the most popular offerings by the corporation and almost every bank across the world provides this offering. There are three types of the card provided by the company which includes the standard credit card, the world Mastercard and finally the World Elite Mastercard. All three cards come with their own added advantages (ID theft protection or zero liability protection).

  • Debit Cards: Unlike the credit cards where one can easily borrow funds in credit, the use of a debit card or any debit card to use one’s own prevailing funds to make payment at any online casinos of your choice.

  • Prepaid Cards: The company has been offering the use of prepaid cards for quite some time now and is one of the leading methods to make payments. Customers can buy prepaid cards from their local banks and online. All that needs to be done after your purchase is to get it activated by registering it on the portal with your information. Once you have registered it, you are then eligible to make payments as well as deposit money on any online casinos.

  • Gift Cards: As the name suggests, these cards are often provided by relatives, family and third parties to a person. This can be used in the same way as prepaid cards by registering them online.

Making Deposits with Mastercard

Most online casinos accept deposits made via Mastercard on their portal. This involves furnishing basic details of your card. All one needs to do is choose their mode of payment on the portal, in this case, this will be debit and credit card. Once you select the tab, you will then be guided to a separate tab where you will need to fill in information like your card number, name, card expiry date as well as CVV and then proceed to make payment. Once this information is confirmed, you will be provided with a separate confirmation of your transaction. Your deposits are reflected almost immediately into your account.

Making Withdrawals with Mastercard

If lady luck’s on your side and you get to earn substantial winnings via your online casino, then you definitely need to enjoy the spoils. Withdrawing your earnings is one way to go about it. Check for the withdrawal option on your online casino and select your payment method as Mastercard under it. Enter all the details along with the amount you would like to withdraw from your account and then hit the submit button. Once you have done this, the service will confirm the same from its end, and the payment will reflect in your account within the standard withdrawal time which can be anywhere between one to three working days. Advantages of Mastercard

Using this payment method has a great many advantages for online gamblers. This includes:

  • Widely used payment method: This is a widely known payment method used in almost all major forms of financial transactions.

  • Safe and Secure: Credit cards are known for their level of safety and security for its patrons and customers. This is one of the major reasons why customers worldwide make use of this system.

  • Deposit large sums of money.: The payment method allows one to deposit large sums of money which is not possible in many e-wallets and online payment methods.

  • Available for almost all casinos: Most online casinos today readily accept Mastercard payments on their portals, so you need not furnish other forms of payments while looking to play in one.

Disadvantages of Mastercard

There does exist some disadvantages to using Mastercard as well which includes:

  • Not every casino allows withdrawals via this service: This is one of the major problems with Mastercard. Not every online casino allows you to withdraw via this service which sometimes becomes payment for many customers.

  • Different charges: Depending on the card you have at your disposal, there are different charges levied by Mastercard. Many customers sometimes remain unaware of such charges while getting their card.

  • Rejected for many countries: Tough gambling laws in different countries mean payments made via the service stand to be rejected.


With fast payment methods and global acceptance, Mastercard is one of the most preferred systems amongst online gamblers today. With a global reputation and wide acceptance, Mastercard is growing leaps and bounds as a favourite method of payment for many players and casinos.