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About Ukash

Ukash is an online payment system based on vouchers, which was founded in the United Kingdom back in 2005. The Ukash UK payment system was acquired by the Skrill Group, which has previously also acquired the Paysafecard payment system. Skrill Group has merged these two systems into one under the name of Paysafecard.

The payment method is used by purchasing vouchers, either online or at the accredited merchant. Each of these vouchers carries a 19-digit code which was required during the money transfer process, in order for it to be completed. The fact that the user doesn’t have to provide any additional banking or personal info was the main reason why this payment method became so popular, especially in the world of online gambling. The fact that the voucher code was the only thing needed to realize the money transfer process implied to higher safeness and security because no bank account is being threatened in case of a fraud or a misuse.

The only security statement issued by the producer to the users was to keep safe the codes as they were real money, which in fact, they were and to not spread them around over the telephone, e-mail or any kind of online communication.

Ukash quickly became a worldwide spread payment system, covering almost all continents, with over 20 European countries, around 15 Middle-Eastern countries, around 10 African countries, almost all countries of the Central and South America plus China, Malaysia, Canada and Mexico. There was also a high variety of currencies to choose from, including Euro, British Pound, Russian Ruble, Norwegian Crown up to the Kuwaiti and Jordanian Dinars or Canadian and Australian Dollars.

However, due to the merge with the Paysafecard payment system, Ukash vouchers distribution had been stopped in August 2015. All active vouchers could be exchanged for Paysafecard or money until October 2015.

How Ukash Works?

As mentioned above, this is basically a payment system based on vouchers, so the first thing that the user needs to do is to acquire one. This could be done at any of the approved locations, and their list could be seen on the Internet. Voucher purchase could be realized via any payment method, including cash, credit or debit card or money order. The next step would be to mark the recipient. During the money transfer process, one should choose Ukash as a payment method and provide the 19-digit identity code found on the purchased voucher.

The usage of vouchers was more resembled the usage of real money than any other online payment system, mostly because of the fact that the user was not provided with any private account through which money transfers are being realized. The only money that the users had at their disposal was the amount represented by the value of the voucher. There was no connection to any real bank account or another virtual one. The users were allowed to buy different types of vouchers, depending on their value. The voucher with the biggest worth was set to occupy the value of €750. One user was allowed to buy the maximum number of five of these vouchers daily, which is equivalent to the sum of €3750.

In most cases, the only fee the user needed to pay was the one intended for the production of the voucher, which was set to a minimum.

However, given the fact that Ukash was pulled back from the market, the only logical thing for all previous users would be to try out its predecessor, the Paysafecard online payment system, which is also based on vouchers with security PIN codes made of randomly generated digits.

Pros & Cons of Ukash

The main advantage of this payment system is that it provides a high level of security, given the fact that the only information shared through the money transfer process is a 19-digit voucher code. The process of transferring money online wasn’t only more secure, it was also simplified because the users don’t have to provide any personal or banking info, which could be an exhausting process. Ukash became so popular among the online gamblers from all around the globe also because of the fact that no bank account was threatened through the gambling process. The players were limited to the amount specified on the vouchers, which could be easily re-filled buying more of them. It was also liberated of additional fees and charges, such as the case with classic payment cards.

One of the disadvantages, if they could be named that way, is that the user would have to obtain the 19-digit code physically during the money transfer process. Another handicap was that at the time online casinos were accepting only deposits realized through the Ukash payment method. Withdrawals via this payment system were not achievable.

However, given the fact that Ukash is out of usage, its predecessor Paysafecard is accepted at the vast majority of online casinos, both as deposit and withdrawal option. In the following parts of this review, some of the most desirable and successful online casino websites that accept Paysafecard will be enlisted.

Ukash Depositing

Depositing via Ukash at the online casino was as just as easy as any other money transfer process realized through this payment system. The voucher owner simply needed to go to the casino’s cashier page and select Ukash as a depositing method. The next step would be to enter the 19-digit security code that came along with it, and the depositing process would be completed in seconds.

It’s pretty much the same thing with Paysafecard. The user needs to select it as a deposit method and provide the 16-digit security PIN code in order to finalize the process.

Ukash Casinos

Given the fact that Ukash is no longer active, it would be much more useful to know online casinos that accept Paysafecard. The most popular ones are stated in the list below:

  • 888 Casino;

  • Casino Rizk;

  • Casumo Casino;

  • Leo Vegas Casino;

  • Casino Bet 365.