Instadebit Casinos Online

What Is Instadebit?

Instadebit is a brand-new e-wallet service that helps over 100 different casinos online. Instadebit casinos can benefit from the flexibility and safety of establishing transactions between the banks and the players’ casino accounts. Not only is the procedure direct, fast and to the point, but it also doesn’t share any personal or sensitive information with anyone else. It is for you and your eyes only. Currently, Instadebit UK is among one of the many branches that stretch not only to the European countries but across the pond to America as well; a total of 35 countries accepting GBP, EUR or USD respectively.

Depositing and Withdrawing Money Using Instadebit

Here is how you can use this method at your casino and how it handles your money:

  • All transactions are handled through a player’s Instadebit account. This means they must first register to be able to use their system. Requirements can depend on the jurisdiction, but the player must at least give them the bank details of their account as well as an IBAN number.
  • There are 15 countries that also use a Real Time Deposit section. This can allow a more instant transaction that can take 3-5 working days.
  • Once an e-wallet has been setup, you can select it with the casino that has this e-wallet as a payment option.
  • Head to the cashier section of the casino and then select Instadebit.
  • Once done, make sure that enough money has been added to your e-wallet to cover how much you want to deposit into the game.
  • Once confirmed, the transaction should be done in a matter of minutes and funds should be added in a few seconds.

Withdrawing money using this method requires more effort from the player and further processing:

  • To make a withdrawal out of the player’s Instadebit’s e-wallet, they must go through a simple bank verification process. All you must do is select the Withdraw Funds box on the website.
  • The first thing that will happen is the service making a small deposit into your account that will show up in a statement within 3-5 working days. By small, this means a microdeposit.
  • Once this has been issued, enter the amount of the deposit given by the website, and you will then be able to fill out withdrawal requests from this point onward.
  • The payment service will verify all of the withdrawals immediately. However, it may take an extra 4 days until the bank has been cleared.
  • A withdrawal fee is needed, but it is only a mere £/$1.50.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Instadebit Payment

Here are some of the key factors to look out for whenever you wish to use this payment method:


  • The method is one of the most trusted e-wallets there is when compared to others of its type.
  • Its fast processing and direct transactions mean that players won’t need to shift through any extra menus and can get straight into the game.
  • There is also no extra charge when it comes to the deposits. This means that player can make use of most of their money and can invest it all into the joys of gaming.
  • Even though it requires personal information at the start, this is all protected by SSL Encryption. The most commonly used and safest bets in protecting sensitive data.
  • Another advantage to e-wallets is that they utilise the same withdrawal options. This means that players won’t need to look at other options and can enjoy the convenience of using one priority payment system.


  • Although the payment method has good elements, not many will be able to enjoy them. The amount of 32 countries is very limiting, unfortunately, especially when they are casinos all over the world.
  • Not to mention that only 15 of those countries can take advantage of the Real-Time Deposit method. Not only does this take up more working days before you can receive your money, but it means that more processing needs to be accomplished before the transaction can take place.
  • Even though it provides over 100 different casinos, this can also still limit where they can be processed.


Do all casinos accept Instadebit?

There are over 100 verified casinos that will accept this payment method. However, there are some that the payment option still hasn’t reached yet in terms of accessibility.

Is Instadebit safe to use in an online casino?

Once registered on the payment service website, all personal and financial information will be protected by their SSL Encryption software. No third party will handle any of the information.

What is the minimum/maximum amount I can deposit via Instadebit?

There is currently no specified amount that you deposit. The withdrawal may change depending on which country you are from and the currency that is in use.

Are there any fees charged?

Yes, but this is only for the withdrawal. The charge is a mere 1.50. These counts of all three of GBP, EUR or USD.

Can I use Instadebit in a mobile casino?

Yes. Many of the casinos in use with the payment method are mobile operational.

How to find a good online casino that accepts Instadebit?

Simple visit the website or use trusted review sites to find out which are the top recommended casinos used by this system.