GiroPay Casinos Online

What is Giropay?

For those not familiar with the revolutionary Giropay method, it represents the bank to online market transfer system which carries out the transactions using the fastest and most secure networks, carrying no personal information, but rather granting top-notch anonymity. The first time that this new online gambling payment method showed up was back in 2006 when the German and Austrian gambling regulation facilities came up with the plan to launch a new way of money transaction and therefore enable their users to deposit and withdraw cash from casinos while using banking funds. While this is the most adequate for the customers from Germany and Austria, there is a large list of other Giropay casinos. As this system operates with the banking interface rather than the e-wallet, one can easily check if the chosen bank is on the list of available ones that support this payment service.

Deposit and Withdraw Using Giropay

Once it is assured that each part of the transferring system is available and supportable, all that is left for customers is to first deposit the cash at one of the online casinos.

To achieve this, it is required to log in at the official site of the casino and click on the cashier option. After this, just choose the Giropay as a way of deposit method. This leads to a fast bank to casino transaction after which one is able to use the funds for gambling purposes.
The same way as the depositing process is carried out, all the earned money at the casino is withdrawn via the banking system. What this means is that it is necessary to transfer the cash to a bank first before the one becomes eligible of withdrawing it, as the option to acquire the money is not supported by the payment service, but rather by the bank.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Giropay

This one is no different than all other payment methods as it has its advantages and disadvantages. However, the positive thing is that there are far more pros than cons that come with it. Certainly, for those that are from regions that support it, this payment service represents the best solution. Some of the advantages have been listed previously in the article, but the list goes on to show the benefits of using this particular transaction system.

  • Advantages: Through the system that the Giropay operates with it is easy for gamblers to deposit money from the bank account in just a few moments to the casino. This way, it is not required for one to enter any sensitive information and therefore the whole anonymity of this method’s policy has been secured. Not only that, all of the transactions happen without applying the fee to the user, as all of those expenses are covered by the chosen casino in an agreement with the banking service.
  • Disadvantages: The downside of this transfer service is that it covers a low percentage of the area in which this option is available as it mostly operates on the German territory. There is however a couple of those Giropay UK casinos that the players from there can use. Another thing is that all of the transactions function based on the correlation between the bank, which is connected to the banking service, and the casino, which basically means that this method cannot cover any services outside of this system.

However, if the user’s only purpose of using this payment system is online gambling, then, this system serves very well.

Giropay FAQs

  • Do all casinos accept Giropay?
    This method covers mostly Germany and Austria, as there are some of those from the UK as well.
  • Is Gyropay safe to use in an online casino?
    Yes, it provides anonymity and security for all the private information.
  • What is the minimum/maximum amount I can deposit via Giropay?
    One can deposit any amount, while if the problem with the limitation occurs, it is probably because the casino requires a higher deposit.
  • Are there any fees charged?
    No, there are no expenses that the user has to cover as all of the fees are already regulated by the bank-casino agreement.
  • Can I use Giropay in a mobile casino?
    Yes, all of the casinos which provide this payment option include mobile games optimized for this platform. By downloading the application, the whole depositing thing becomes much easier as all of the activities can be accomplished via phone.
  • How to find a good online casino that accepts Giropay?
    The best advice is to go to the official bank site and see which of the listed casinos are placed on the top.

Now that all of the most common questions have been answered, it is up to the reared to choose which payment method to use while gambling online. We encourage those that would like to experience the benefits of using Giropay to switch right away to it!