PostePay Casinos Online

What Is PostePay?

PostePay is a prepaid debit card owned by Poste Italian Group and was launched in 2003 in Italy. It now comes to be known as PostePay SpA from 2018. It has given a new shape to the digitalization of the casino world. Its two important operating factors are visibility and transparency that has made it popular among a quarter of Italians. It is used for virtual as well as physical transactions.

Their cards come in plenty of versions depending on the type of transaction to be made. They are further associated either with Visa, Visa Electron or MasterCard. Thus, PostePay UK can be used by choosing these options also. Therefore, it is accessible all over the world.

Buy & Pay

To use the service’s card at the online casino, first, you need to buy it. You can purchase it from the Italian Post office. Further, you need to load funds in your card that can be done in cash at the post office, by some ATM outlets or using the internet.

Further, on any of the gambling house supporting the method,you can use this card to make the deposit. Also, you can use it in place of Visa or MasterCard option as the payment method.

Deposit at PostePay Casino

To make the deposit, you need to choose the PostePay/Visa/MasterCard option from the available payment method at the online gambling house. Enter the card details and amount to deposit. Complete the transaction process, and the deposit gets reflected instantly in your casino account.

Withdrawal with the Method

Winnings are always cherished and withdrawing them safely from a casino account is of vital importance. But, with the service, you don’t need to worry anymore. It is one of the safest modes for withdrawal.

With the plenty of versions, you must have the knowledge of the card you are using such as its withdrawal limit. With it, you can withdraw the maximum permitted amount from your account. However, this is not a matter with a small amount.

The withdrawal method is similar to depositing. You need to enter the card details and the amount to withdraw, and after the completion of this process, the amount gets reflected in your balance within 3-5 business days.

Advantages of PostePay Casino

  • Safe & Secure

It is a unique payment method that offers the features of Debit card along with the security of e-wallet. While making a transaction, you do not need to enter your bank or Credit/Debit card details. Thus, keeping your data completely safe on the channel.

  • Wide Access

If any of the physical, as well as digital platform accepts Visa/ MasterCard, then you also can use the service’s card conveniently. You need to enter its details to complete the transaction. Thus, this makes it accessible worldwide.

  • No Processing Fee

The processing fee is involved with most of the e-wallets and prepaid cards. But, with the method, feel free to deposit and withdraw your money without any processing charges. However, some online gambling houses may impose their own transaction charge. Hence, choose your casino wisely.

Disadvantages of the Method

  • Limited Availability

Although the service is widely used, it can be accessed by Italians only. Also, at the time of its issuance, the citizen needs to provide his/her ID, Social Security Number/ Tax Identification Number. Thus, it can be accessed by the local citizens of Italy only.

  • Support EUR Only

One of its biggest disadvantages is that it supports EUR currency only which is not the case with most of the prepaid cards and e-wallets.

  • Activation Time

You might have bought the service’s card but, you still can’t use it until it gets activated. Its activation takes up to 5 business days that you may find disappointing.


  • Do all the casinos accept PostePay?

No. However, there are plenty of them on the market.

  • Is PostePay safe to use in an online casino?

It is completely safe to use while making a transaction at an online gambling house. Since personal details such as card details and bank account number are never shared with it. Also, it uses advanced internet protocols of security.

  • What is the maximum amount I can deposit via PostePay?

The card comes up with different versions with each version having its own transaction limit. You can further refer to its respective site.

  • Are there any fees charged?

Wonderfully, it does not charge any transaction fee.

  • Can I use Postepay in a mobile casino?

Yes, you can use the service which is compatible with smartphones and tablets to make transactions swiftly.

  • How to find a good online casino that accepts PostePay?

Online casino certified by renowned gambling regulatory body such as UK, Malta, Curacao is a secure online platform for betting.