POLi Casinos Online

What Is POLi and How Can It Help You?

For all your gambling needs in helping with your money, POLi is among one of the most trusted brands in both Australia and New Zealand. They are an online payment processor designed for the residents of both these countries, unfortunately not for any other countries such as POLi America or POLi UK branches. APOLi casino is a site that can establish direct payments straight from the players’ bank account and into the game they want to play. The payment method ensures well-established connections with dozens of banks, creating a trustworthy and secure network with brands you know. Better yet, there is no registration required upon usage, meaning that anyone can use this convenient system to help keep their money safe.

Deposit and Withdraw Using POLi

If you wish to use this method to deposit and handle your money, you must first fulfil a few simple steps beforehand:

  • The first initial step you must do is open the participating casino which has POLi available. Then you must login to access your real money.
  • Then you go to the cashier options with the gambling house and select POLi from the list of payment methods that are available.
  • Once opened, you can now enter the amount of money you wish to put in. Then choose a bank that you have an account with from the list that is presented to you.
  • You will then be redirected away from the casino straight to the bank’s website where you can complete the transaction.
  • Neither your personal information or financial details should be disclosed with a third party. This includes the casino itself. The whole deal and process should be completed with no extra charge and done securely as possible.

Withdrawing with this payment method is another action that is available for players. However, this requires some more to do in terms of steps.

  • The first major step is that you must register with an account on the payment method website. This is done through their website where you can complete an online form.
  • Make sure that you select “Standard Pricing Plan”. Then provide the service with all the information that they ask for so that they can handle all your future withdrawals with other games.
  • This will make things quicker and easier in the long run. Personal information will be needed including your name, address and finally your bank account information.
  • You do not need to worry about handing out these personal details as all the data is protected by an SSL-protected server.
  • After registration is complete and the account is verified, you can now perform a casino withdrawal. Simply go to the cashier section, select the method from the options, then log in and finish the transaction with the information you gave them.
  • Unfortunately, withdrawing money using this method will charge a small fee of $0.30 plus 0.9% of the transaction value.

Advantages and Disadvantages of POLi

Here is the way that this method is a good service to use, but also what you should consider when using this approach.


  • The method is very advanced when it comes to combining the use of friendly interfaces with heightened security. By not requiring registration to deposit money, players will not need to go through any unnecessary pages or links. Simply select this payment method as an option on the casino’s cashier to begin using their services.
  • Since it is your own bank that connects to the casino through POLi, you do not need to share any sensitive details with the gambling house or any other outside sources.
  • Another great advantage is how the service does not charge you anything for using the depositing services. This gives the player more money for them to use at the gambling platform instead of using it to put money in the first place.


  • It is a great service to use, but it is a shame that it is only available in Australia and New Zealand. It cannot be used by bank account from other countries.
  • Although the depositing system is free of charge, the withdrawal is not. Not to mention that withdrawing money requires more effort in handing out personal and financial information to them. Even if it is more convenient in the long run.


Do all casinos accept POLi?

Most casinos online allow the use of this method. It is verified by over 200 casinos.

Is POLi safe to use in an online casino?

All transactions are properly secured with an SSL Encryption.

What is the minimum/maximum amount I can deposit via POLi?

The minimum amount is $0.54 while the maximum can be up to $240.30.

Are there any fees charged?

Yes, but only for the withdrawal. $0.30 plus 0.9% of the transaction value.

Can I use POLi in a mobile casino?

Yes, you can use this method on almost most devices.

How to find a good online casino that accepts POLi?

Their website lists the top recommended casinos that use their services.