Ultimate Texas Hold'em Slot
Ultimate Texas Hold'em Slot

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Ultimate Texas Hold'em
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Ultimate Texas Hold'em Slot
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Ultimate Texas Hold’em is a new game that has become one favourite of casino gamers. It is available in a land-based casino, in casinos online, and you can also play it in live dealer games.

The game operates in a similar fashion like the normal Texas Hold’Em, but here, you can place a Trips bet. The poker variant is licensed and patented by Bally Gaming.

How to Play the Game

Here are the steps to play it.

  • Place an ante and a blind bet. These bets must be equal in size.
  • You get two hole cards, and the dealer gets the same.
  • Five community cards are placed on the table.
  • All these cards are dealt face down.

On the second part of the game, you open your cards, and then you decide if you want to check, raise 3X, or raise 4x your ante.

If you raise, all five cards will be shown, and a winner will be declared. If you check, you will be shown the flop.

Here, you can:

  • Check
  • Raise up to 2x

If you raise, the last two cards will be shown, and a winner is determined.

If you check, both cards will also be shown then you have the chance to:

  • Fold – you will forfeit your bets
  • Raise 1x – the dealer’s hand will be revealed, and the winner is determined.

Note that each raise you make is called a Play bet.

Game Rules

The main rule here is that the dealer must have at least a pair to qualify. If the dealer does not have a pair or higher, you will only be paid on your Blind and Play bets, but only if your hand is better.

If the player has a pair of higher, then he will be fighting all your bets.

Here is a table that will show how the battle between your hands is determined. The payouts are also shown.

Ante Blind Play Bets Ante Blind Play Bets
Dealer Has No Pair Push Win Win Dealer Has No Pair Push LOSE LOSE
Dealer Has Pair Win Win Win Dealer Has Pair LOSE LOSE LOSE

Ante and Play bets are always paid 1:1 while the Blind has a paytable shown below.

Royal flush 500 to 1
Straight flush 50 to 1
Four of a kind 10 to 1
Full house 3 to 1
Flush 3 to 2
Straight 1 to 1
All other Push

The Bonus

The bonus here is the Trips bet. It is a separate bet that you place. It would be rewarded with a prize even if you lost to the dealer’s hand. Essentially, you will win jackpots if you get a royal flush.

Royal flush 50 to 1
Straight flush 40 to 1
Four of a kind 30 to 1
Full house 8 to 1
Flush 6 to 1
Straight 5 to 1
Three of a Kind 3 to 1


This is a great game, but you need to play it with a strategy. You will win money also if you are lucky enough to have a five-card hand and if you wagered in the Trips. The RTP is unknown, but the house edge is 2.185%. First, play it free in the demo and learn it before you wager real cash.


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