Euteller Casinos Online

What Is This?

The payment method started its business in the year 2007. It is a privately owned firm that is licensed, authorized and regulated by the Finland Supervisory Authority. The firm is a virtual partner of all of the banks operating in Finland, and hence, an account holder of any Finish bank can be a potential customer of the respected payment method. Recently, they indicated that more than 3 million Finns use their services directly or indirectly each year. Most of the services available for online payments provide you with any one of the 2 options – either their process is secure, but it takes a lot of time, or their process is fast, but they overlook some important security protocols. That’s not the case with this money transaction service as it ensures an easy and fast process along with the highest level of security.

It has always been a big challenge for online casino players to find a good payment method for online casinos that is secure, fast, and can be used widely. But recently, payment companies have been emphasizing on providing better services for a specific part of the world. It may seem like a drawback, but in reality, it is a good practice as a company completely focuses on providing better services for the specific country. Euteller is one of those companies and provides its services for Finnish customers only. This payment method provides a fast and trusted online payment service that allows customers to pay directly through their bank account.

How Does Euteller Work?

Making payments through this method is fairly simple and easy process. Just follow the steps given below, and you’ll have your casino account credited within no time.

  1. For the first step, you have to have a Finnish bank account and play at a casino that accepts payments via this method.
  2. After making sure both your casino account accepts it, all you have to do now is to head to the cashier option and select this payment method. And when the next page is loaded, you will have to provide your banking details and some personal information. After completing the process, click on the confirm or proceed button.
  3. You will be taken to your bank’s official page where you will have to log in to your online banking account and confirm the transaction. On confirming, you will be taken back to the gambling site, and instantly, money will be transferred to your account.

This method works only one way and won’t allow you to get your money out of the casinos, and hence, you have to find an alternative withdraw method before you start playing.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Using Euteller?

Let’s discuss its advantages in detail.

  • Security is the number one priority here, and they ensure it by making all of the transactions ultra encrypted by using the SSL framework in all of their services.
  • It is licensed and authorized by financial authorities, hence, you can make your transactions without any fear of frauds.
  • The mobile app is available for mobile Euteller casino players and enables the users to transfer money on the go.
  • Partially anonymous as you don’t have to provide your credit card numbers or other sensitive information.
  • No need to sign up or to have a Euteller account in order to make transactions.
  • Instant transfers.
  • Easy process.

And now, let’s move on to its disadvantages.

  • There is a small fee charged for each online transaction made through this payment method.
  • One cannot use it as a withdrawal option.
  • You have to be a citizen of Finland in order to use this service as it is mandatory to be one for having an account in the country.
  • Can only be used for casino deposits and not withdrawals.
  • Euteller UK is not available.

All in all, it is a great payment service as there are over 200 banks that can be used as a potential payment method. Do you have a Finnish bank account? If yes, then sign up now and enjoy easy deposits while gambling.

Euteller FAQs

Do All Online Casinos Accept Euteller as a Payment Method?

Unfortunately, not all of the casinos accept payments via this service. The first thing is that the payment is only available for Finnish customers. Secondly, this payment method doesn’t support direct withdrawals, and hence, some casinos don’t accept it.

What Are the Deposit Limits for Euteller?

There are no minimum or maximum limits enforced by this payment method, but it depends on the casino you are playing at.

Does Euteller Charge Any Fees?

Yes, there is a fee that a user has to pay on each transaction. The fee varies from casino to casino as some of them charge a fee and some don’t. Euteller has a fixed fee of 1.97% of the total amount.

Is Euteller Accepted at Mobile Casinos?

Yes, you can use this payment method at mobile casinos that accept payments made through it. Also, there is a mobile app that enables users to credit their mobile casino account anytime and anywhere. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and can be downloaded from App Store or Google Play Store for free.

How Can I Find a Reliable Euteller Casino?

If you are in Finland, it won’t be a problem for you to find an online casino that accepts payments via this money transaction option. As almost all of the top-tier online Finnish casinos support this service.

Below is a list of best Euteller casinos:

  • BoaBoa
  • Energy
  • Cadoola
  • Fantasino
  • Atlantic Spins.