Paysafecard Casinos Online

Paysafecard Brief Overview

Paysafecard (abbreviation “Paysafe”) is, in fact, an online payment method that comes in the form of a voucher based on the 16-digit PIN code, which is the only info that needs to be provided during the money transfer process.

Since 2013, when Paysafe became the part of the Skrill Group (under the management of Optimal Payments Group, now known as Paysafe Group), it started spreading on many territories. In 2018 Paysafecard is being distributed in over 40 countries worldwide. The full list of eligible countries can be seen by visiting

Partnerships with Skype, Facebook, Play Station, Steam, etc. have influenced even more on the expansion of Paysafe. Because of a very simple and quick transfer process, which is also well secured through the PIN code, it quickly found its main habitat among the online players of all kind.

The base of Paysafe is exactly the 16-digit PIN code that can be acquired as already printed pre-paid card or in a digital form. It is available in several currencies, including the US Dollar, the Paysafecard UK Pound, Euro, Australian Dollar, Norwegian Crown, etc. It can be found in different values, ranging from 10 to 100 $/€/£, or the equivalent amount in any other available currency. Obtaining the voucher can be done by visiting the Paysafe website.

The user can monitor his balance by logging in at and by providing the PIN code through the process. The same PIN code can be used for multiple purchases, as long as there are funds at user’s balance. For larger purchases, the user can utilize up to ten PIN codes simultaneously.

Obtaining and Security

One can easily obtain a Paysafecard voucher by visiting their webpage. Under the “Buy Paysafecard” tab, one can see the full list of merchants and providers of the Paysafecard services. For easier management, one can enter a city or a postal code search, in order to provide an insight into the Paysafecard merchants from the selected area. There is also a list of online casinos, games, social media, online dating sites that accept Paysafecard as a payment method. It can be seen under the “Using Paysafecard” tab on their webpage.

The main advantage in terms of security lies not only in the fact that the user, through the PIN code, remains anonymous both to the merchant and to the payment service provider. The mere fact that each voucher (PIN code) is limited to the exact amount represented as the voucher’s value provides that no bank account is threatened in case of fraud or misuse of any kind. All personal and banking info is also secured and cannot be accessed because the transfer doesn’t require them in order to be realized.

Paysafe management clearly and strictly states that PIN codes should be used at authorized merchants or online providers, in order for any misuse to be prevented.

Cost & Fees

Paysafecard voucher comes in four different types:

  • 10 $/€/£ voucher;

  • 25 $/€/£ voucher;

  • 50 $/€/£ voucher;

  • 100 $/€/£ voucher.

Additional pays are presented as service costs, which are determined by the authorized merchant.

The first twelve months of the obtaining of the PIN code the maintenance of the Paysafe account comes free of charge. Starting with the 13th month, the maintenance fee is £3, and it is being deducted automatically from the Paysafe balance. If the user hasn’t realized any transactions in the last twelve months, the maintenance fee increases to £5.

The provider also charges a fixed £6 fee in case of a refund. The sum is being automatically deducted from the refunded funds for each and every refund.

Pros & Cons

The main advantage of the Paysafecard payment method lies in its anonymity and anonymity means more security. No personal or banking info is exposed to a threat, neither the user’s bank account balance. The transfer process is pretty simple, and it requires only a 16-digit PIN code to be submitted.

There are several disadvantages to this payment method. The first among them is that the amount of money that the user can transfer is fixed to the value of the voucher. That’s why larger purchases can be a bit longer process.

Any potential fraud or misuse can be avoided by following the company’s instructions and buy vouchers at accredited retailers only.

Paysafecard & Online Casinos

Paysafe is very popular among online players from all over the world. Placing a deposit via Paysafecard is an instant process that requires only the PIN code to be submitted. It carries no fees. In order to place a deposit, the player needs to go to the casino’s cashier page and mark Paysafecard under offered deposit methods. The next and the final step would be providing the appropriate PIN code.

Withdrawing the money is the process as simple as depositing it, it requires the same steps, and it also carries no fees.

The vast majority of casinos also allow lower deposit amounts, and higher withdrawal amounts via Paysafecard.

Paysafecard as an online casino payment method is a pretty good choice because of anonymity, security and the fact that the player doesn’t put to risk any funds from his bank account. Vouchers are a very useful way of filling up the casino balance with the desired amount.

This method is widely accepted in all UK based online casinos. However, when it comes to US online casinos, not all of them accept it but using this payment method for gambling activities on the US territory is not forbidden.

The list below displays some of the most popular casinos that accept both depositing and withdrawing via this payment service:

  • Dream Vegas;

  • 32 Red;

  • Slots Million;

  • Kaboo;

  • Casumo;

  • Mr Green;

  • Paddy Power;

  • Royal Panda;

  • Casimba;

  • Ladbrokes.