Unicum slots provider is a company situated in Russia. The company has plenty of games in its profile. Unicum has been developing casino games since the 1990s. It was only in 2007 that it started to produce online pokies.

With its more than a decade in the online gambling, its slot machines are famous among operators and players. The software it uses for its games is qualitative and satisfies the European’s strict standards.

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Features of Unicum Slots

The Unicum slots are user-friendly that can be easily customized by users. Furthermore, they utilize a premium casino gaming system. Plus, they all provide super spins and bonus options that can truly entice players. As for its themes, its slot machines have exciting storylines with some humour in them.

Then, the overall platform can work well with various payment services. In other words, if you wish to play for real money, you will not find it difficult in doing so. The slots have a great winning percentage of up to 97.7%.

As to the number of online titles that the company has created, there are not so many. In fact, you will only find 10 of them.

Each game has a different theme, but all games have storylines that depict the life in the 1990s. It is one of the reasons Russians and gamblers from other countries fancy the slot machines of this company.

Well-Known Unicum Online Slots

The Unicum online slots do not hinge on the number of wheels and paylines to attract players. Rather, they entice gamblers to take a shot with their games through their unique storylines that you cannot find elsewhere.

Around the World

Around the World is one of the popular casino machines of Unicum. It has 20 winning lines, and you can activate it as many as you wish. You can play from €0.05 to €10. With its wide wagering rates, players of all levels can enjoy the game.

The highest payout here is 10,000 times your overall bet. Thus, if you place a €200 bet per spin and hit the jackpot, you can take home €2,000,000. However, it is a rare occurrence.


If you are interested in the Russian mafia, then you will find Bratva to be truly entertaining. Bratva means brotherhood. In this game, you can play its five wheels and bet for 21 paylines. The winning lines are not fixed so you can activate any lines you wish.

Gold of the Party

Gold of the Party will take you to the Soviet Times. In those times, people only read Pravda. It was the only newspaper in the country.

The icons you will find here are the images of the Kremlin group, Lenin and a wall calendar. Its gameplay includes patriotic music that adds humour to the overall game. It has several bonus features that can help boost your winnings.

The Unicum online slots include various mini-levels. In other words, when you play a slot, you will be awarded small yet frequent payouts. Furthermore, the titles have a notable feature. That is, you can play them for free.

What Are the Benefits of Playing Unicum Online Slots for Free?

The ability to play for free is not only exciting, but it is also beneficial for players who just got started in online casinos. The free online slots allow you to play and practice first before engaging in playing for real cash. You can test the waters before you spend any dime.

The free slots can be played anytime, anywhere using your mobile device. However, you need to activate your device’s Flash player to start playing. The slot machines are available without downloading anything. All you need to do is access a Unicum online casino and start playing.

Apart from the free slots, you can also play Unicum slots by using a welcome bonus. Most online casinos that offer these titles are giving their new members a no deposit cash bonus. It means that you can play for real money without depositing any real money.

These Unicum slots online for free are great for any players who are not ready yet to gamble their actual cash but wish to get to know the story of the CIS countries. They are also great for players who wish to recollect the Soviet times.