MrSlotty slots are quite popular with different online casinos. Like other Eastern European developers, they have made a mark on the vast gambling market. They are one of the most adaptive and user-oriented software developers out there. With popular titles such as the erotic HotHoney22 and the funny Emoji Slot, they are clearly a strong brand.

They have released 40 MrSlotty online slots until now, and with their current success, it is certain that they will keep creating more. Their titles are available at Faustbet, Loki, Svenbet, and many other renowned online casinos. You can be certain of their content quality from this simple fact.

They entered the market in 2013, and their headquarters is located in Vilnius. You will easily find their gambling titles on different platforms.

Features of MrSlotty Slots

Following are some prominent features of their games:

  • HTML5. HTML5 has revolutionised the digital gambling. It lets you play your favourite slot machines on any device without compromising with the user interface or experience. Apparently, they have mastered this technology. All of their games are made with HTML5, and it ensures that you get an amazing experience whenever you come across one of them.
  • Low Data Consumption. The average data consumption of their titles is around 3.2 MB. This number is considerably less in comparison to that of the competitors. It ensures that you can play their titles freely without worrying about the data charges. You can play their games without the need of connecting to Wi-Fi or Ethernet. This feature lets the player enjoy mobile gambling to the maximum extent. Even if you have a poor connection, you will be able to get a great experience.
  • Bonuses. As a slot games developer, they understand the importance of giving their players a large number of bonuses and features. In their video slots, you get the feature of configuring the RTP as well as enjoy a bunch of bonuses to make sure you get delightful surprises every now and then.

The only drawback is their English. If you are a grammar nerd, then you might get a little infuriated because of a few mishaps here and there, but when you get such beautiful, mesmerising and immersive games, you will not worry much in this regard.

How You Should Choose MrSlotty Online Slots

If you wish to try out any of MrSlotty online slots for free, then you should first check out their vast collection. They have created gambling titles in different genres, and due to their multiple advantages, you can begin with any of them.

You might be interested in a game specifically created for an adult audience, or you might only want to indulge in a unique adventure. For example, their HotHoney22 VIP is full of amazing graphics and detailed imagery. The lead girl is enough to drive some players crazy.

The Benefits of Playing Online Free Slot Games

Here are some advantages you get to enjoy when you try out their titles:

  • No Need to Download. As all of their games are made with HTML5, you don’t need to download any software. This is a major advantage, particularly for mobile users who need to keep an eye on their memory storage. You can play their games on your browser without the need of downloading.
  • Trendy Titles. MrSlotty has mastered the art of sticking to the trends. From the Emoji Slots to Meme Faces, they prove that they are one of the youngest and user-oriented game makers out there.
  • Amazing Graphics. All of their 40 games are in HD. Apart from the visual quality (which is one of the best in the industry), the sound quality of their titles is also worth commending. You get a rich and movie-like experience when you play their titles.

The level of detail in Trendy Skulls, HotHoney22, Unicorn Gems, and Super Dragons Fire is astonishingly amazing. You will want to try them out to experience their richness.

Easy Payments

You can make transactions in their titles through multiple currencies. They even allow cryptocurrencies, what means you can make payments through Bitcoin as well. This is a major advantage, especially for international players who worry about currency acceptance.