If you have been active in the gambling industry for some time, you must have heard the name of Konami. Konami slots are widely popular in the market. They are one of the biggest gambling software providers in the industry, and they have been operating for several decades.

Based in Japan, Konami is the fourth largest game development company of that country. When it wanted to enter the international gambling market, it worked extensively with numerous gamblers, companies and experts to make sure its products were flawless. It was founded in 1969 by Kagamasa Kozuki, Yoshinobu Nakama, and Tatuso Miyasako.

In the beginning, they only developed arcade games and home consoles. Eventually, they entered the gambling software market, when they began working on it in 1978. Konami means “little waves”.

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Interesting Features of Konami Slots

Konami was one of the few game developers to introduce the concept of cheat codes in video games. In slots, they released multiple attractive titles in various genres to make sure their users got the most out of their gambling experience.

From movies to wildlife, their genres are numerous in quantity. The main feature of Konami online slots is their astonishing graphics quality. This company puts a lot of focus on providing an amazing experience to the punter, and their graphics prove this point.

They are present at multiple online casinos all across the globe due to their vast experience in the field of gambling and software development. You will not have trouble finding their games.

How You Should Choose Konami Online Slots

They have released so many gambling titles for the past few years that it becomes quite difficult for a gambler to choose one. The following are some of their games, so you can understand what makes them unique, and how you can choose the right one for yourself:

  • African Diamond Slot: It is a video slot with an RTP of 94%. With 5 reels and 30 paylines, it aims to provide gamblers with an immersive experience of the African safari. As an RPG, it successfully attracts a player`s attention and ensures that he/she will not get bored. The background, sound effects, as well as the symbols, all are combined together to make it a perfect experience for you.
  • Chip City Slot: This game lets you place a wager of up to 1,500 coins. This astounding feature makes it appropriate for high rollers who like to gamble with a lot of money. You can choose to play with 30, 25, 20 or 10 play lines at a time in this gambling title.
  • Rocky Slot: This title is based on the classic movie series, Rocky. It is also one of the most popular slot machines ever released by this provider. You can guess the popularity of this game from the fact that they possess all the licenses for any gaming titles related to the film franchise.

Advantages of Playing Konami Slots Online for Free

You will avail a multitude of benefits when you play this developer’s title:

  • A Vast Range of Options. They have provided hundreds of unique titles in the video slot industry. As a result, you can easily find perfect games for you without putting any effort. Due to their experience, they are present at many online casinos. You can find their titles to play for real money as well as for free. You will find Konami slots online for free on a large number of gambling platforms.
  • Breathtaking Experience. As stated earlier, their games have amazing graphics and sounds. You will not regret trying them out. Such high quality of the titles ensures that you get an immersive experience when you try their gambling options.
  • Reliable Gambling.You don’t have to worry about cheats or tricks in their slots. They have been developing games for multiple decades, and they understand the importance of customers’ trust.


All in all, they are one of the few developers who have been operating in the global gambling market for a number of decades. Their ventures spread from Japan to Australia to the US. Due to their experience and wonderful products, you can be certain that you will get a fair play in their titles.