High 5 Games

High 5 Games is a popular name both online and offline with its provision of games extending to most parts of the globe. This software developer has been providing casino titles since 1995 when it first opened its doors. Having entered the industry so early, the gaming developer has helped shape the online sector into what it is today, and has cemented its place as among the best in the business. Since its inception, this company has been open to changing with the evolution of technology and gamblers’ needs, which is among the main reason why it has maintained such great ranking for so long. High 5 Games also invests in the provision of slot machines for brick and mortar casinos, especially those in North America and Europe. Their offline portfolio is slightly smaller than that found online with about one hundred options.

One of the most defining steps for this online gaming software company was its development of a social gaming platform in 2012, which allowed the punters to engage in play on social media platforms like Facebook. The High 5 Games social media casino was the first in history, which set a new standard for other software providers to try and achieve. The titles availed on the platform are all for free play, and players can head on to providers’ casinos to engage in any that they find appealing. This move was in a bid to reach out to the new generation of players considering Facebook is one of the most used platforms by people today.

High 5 Games Slot Features

High 5 Games has one of the most impressive slot collections on the online platform which has helped keep it afloat for so long. The software firm is best known for fusing a simple and straightforward build of slots with just enough of a dynamic touch. During the procedure of game development, the basic layout of the set is first designed, and then the rest of the game is scripted depending on the theme to be used; this makes their slots different from not only those of other developers but also from the providers’ previous creations.

Even with such a unique development process for each game, some elements remain the same in nearly all one hundred and fifty plus High 5 Games slots, and they include:

  • Multiplier payouts

Most online gaming software companies lean towards the provision of credit wins, but multipliers are the favourites of the H5G. These payouts are usually mostly used as bonuses, and they multiply the gambler’s wager according to the number that is landed. H5G slot multipliers are triggered by landing three to five similar symbols on an active bet line. In some cases, such as in the Golden Goddess Slot, most rewarding icons pay when at least two of them make an appearance.

  • Set and selectable win lines

The developer uses play lines in its slots to determine winning combinations, which are lines of different patterns running across the screen. In some slots, the bet lines can be adjusted to suit one’s budget while in others they are set in place.

How to Choose the Best Slot

One hundred and fifty slots may not sound like much, but it still presents a diverse list of options. When choosing the best High 5 Games online slot, one can consider some elements to make the task easier such as:

  • Paylines selectivity

Playing a slot that allows the selection of win lines allows punters to set just the right amount to suit their budget. Even so, those that are set in place leave a higher chance of landing a winning combination.

  • Theme used

The theme of a slot sets the tone for gameplay, so punters should consider one that resonates with their playing style.

Advantages of High 5 Games

This gaming provider is labelled among the best in the online gambling business due to the numerous benefits of its slots, one of them being the provision of free modes that allow demo play. Also, most of the sets carry bonus features that improve the payouts granted.

Final Remarks

High 5 Games slots online for free and real money are accessible in numerous casinos in Europe and the rest of the globe. Their mobile versions are available in a no download mode.