Genesis Gaming

Genesis Gaming has been in operation since 2008, and in the decade it has been in operation, it has made itself a revered force with service provision in the world’s biggest markets. The software developer has its headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada, which is the brick and mortar gambling capital of the world. When the company first started, it produced slot machines for location-based casinos in Sin City. With time, the massive rate at which the online gambling platform was overtaking the land-based one pushed it to produce online games. Even so, it did not halt the provision of brick and mortar slot machines, and their titles can be found in casinos all over the Americas.

The company may have joined the online platform somewhat late, but its innovative style of game development has helped it catch up with big names the likes of Playtech and Microgaming to stand as worthy competition. The software developer is also not slow with the release of new titles with its one-hundredth game coming out in 2014. Genesis Gaming slots currently stand at over two hundred, which gives punters numerous choices.

Even with the focus on quantity provision, the developer also invests in quality. The impressive work it has done over the years has earned its partnerships with top players in the market such as Gamesys and Microgaming. The software developer is also well-known for the development of not only general titles that can be found anywhere but also specific ones as requested by individual casinos.

Features of Genesis Gaming Slots

Genesis Gaming focuses solely on the creation of online slot machines, which has helped it perfect the art of game development in the field. Since 2013, Genesis Gaming online slots have been released using ConceptionXD technology, which makes them easily accessible in online, social, and mobile gambling platforms. Each of the sets is built to meet unique player needs, but some of the things that can be spotted in a good number of them include:

  • Selectable bet lines

Most of their slots determine winning combinations using play lines which run from one end of the screen to another. In most slot games, these lines can be adjusted from as little as one to all that is provided to suit the budget the punter is working with. Players should note that the more win lines that remain active, the better the chances of landing winning combinations.

  • Win ways

The use of paylines has been the go-to option in most Genesis Gaming slots, but the software provider has in recent times made some releases that use ways to win instead to determine winning combinations. One fine example is the Star Crystals Slot which includes two hundred-, and forty-three-win ways on its five by three play grid.

  • Fixed jackpots

Genesis Gaming is not big on the use of progressive pooled jackpots whose prize points keeps rising depending on the number of players engaging in play and wins collected. Instead, the highest wins in slots are fixed and are triggered using a specific icon combination.

Large Slot Selection

With over two hundred well-developed slot choices laid out, the process of choosing the best Genesis Gaming slot can be confusing. However, players can approach the catalogue with specific elements to help narrow down the list of options including:

  • Preferred theme

All provider slots are built around a theme which helps give the set a storyline. Some of the popular ones include adventure, space, and history.

  • Payouts provided

These slots provide winnings in different intensities, so one can choose to focus on those with high payouts.

Benefits of Genesis Gaming Slots

Players get to enjoy an array of upsides when playing provider slots, and some of them include:

  • Mobile access

The developer’s sets are created using both Flash and HTML5 technology, which makes them compatible with numerous operating systems.

  • Free play

Genesis Gaming slots online for free play are available in nearly all casino sites that support the firm’s software, and the sessions are similar to those of real money play.

Wrap Up

When choosing a casino to play Genesis Gaming slots, punters are advised to select one that is proven fair and vetted for safety.