Duomatic online slots provider is a novice in the industry. Even though it is still new, it has become a popular provider among online gamblers. Unfortunately, the company’s details online are scanty. In fact, it has no official website yet considering it is still a new organization in the gambling world.

What we know is that it is a premium company that utilizes cutting-edge technology. When you play its games, you will experience its innovative ideas. Developed by professionals, this online casino provider implements unique and modern technologies for its casino games.

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Features of Duomatic Slots

Most of its games include two bonus options. Each slot has a typical bonus and exciting icons. They are equipped with five wheels and up to 25 paylines. They are also simple but with an intuitive user interface. Every game is designed with a classic style that meets the demands of the industry.

Popular Slots of Duomatic


One of the famous slots of this provider is Dracula. The main character of this game is obviously Bram Stroker’s Dracula, which might have started the vampire fantasy. The novel was categorized as a horror story.

However, the game is not mean and horrifying. Rather, he is quite funny. The main interface is pretty standard. This game has 20 winning lines with special icons, super spins, and bonuses, among others. The payout can be from five times your overall bet up to 200 times your wager.


Whiskey is another Duomatic slot machine that has 25 lines. Its icons would include a cognac, fish, bartender and a waitress. It has fantastic payouts and some multipliers of your wager.

Fairy Land 2

Fairy Land 2 is a multiplayer game, which is a sequel of Fairy Land (Swampland). The maximum win here may vary depending on your wager. However, it could reach as high as $1M. If you like the Book of Ra, you will surely love this Duomatic game.


Caligula is an engaging slot machine. The overall theme is about the tyranny of Caesar Caligula. Playing this game will help you experience how the Roman Empire ruled.

As the wheels move, they will form icon combos that might result in some treasures. It has a wild and a scatter. It also gives out super spins.

Black Horse

Now, if you are into horse racing, Duomatic has the right slot for you. Its Black Horse has an overall horse racing theme with 15 winning rows. The maximum wager is up to 50 credits.

That said, it is not just for wealthy gamblers. The icons here are true to its overall theme. That is, you will find symbols about riders, horses, saddle, and a lot more. The main icons can give you huge wins.

You will also find Super Garage and Pirates. Overall, there are more than 14 games that Duomatic has created for the online gambling industry.

Its gambling system entices gamblers because its games can boost their profit. Furthermore, the software supports mobile devices so you can play them anywhere and anytime you want.

Duomatic Online Slots for Free

You can play Duomatic slots online for free without depositing money. If you are playing the demo version, you cannot win real cash. You need to deposit real cash to win real money. But there is no rush into playing slots for real money. The free version will allow you to practice and strategize.

While playing the demo version, you can determine how much you need to wager to receive a certain payout.

However, since the winning combo is determined randomly, there is no way for you to predict when a winning combination will occur. Nonetheless, playing the slots for free allow you to know how the slots’ features work and how you can use them to your advantage.

After playing the games for free, you would need to wager for real money so you can win real cash. You can also take advantage of the welcome bonuses of an online casino to help you wager for real money without having to deposit anything. Just make sure you sign up for an online casino offering a no deposit welcome bonus.