Altea Gaming


Among the casino software providers, a unique name is Altea Gaming. This is a company that was formed originally in Belgrade and focuses on providing products for the different European markets. The firm is known to include diverse casino entertainment software that includes scratch cards, table games, Altea Gaming slots and bespoke solutions which they develop as per unique needs of portals. Today the company’s focus is on developing their portfolio of offerings for the mobile market.

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In the segment of a mobile casino or app-based games, the company uses HTML5 as the base technology to offer software that runs smoothly, adapts to smaller screens without sacrificing any of the gaming features. Emphasis is on UX and IX which lure in players and keep them hooked, making them return for more in every title and in others. The company also has back office tools and operations that are sound to support the running of their software on various platforms and monitor the sites where their titles are offered.

The company forms an arm of a larger corporation called Alteatec Group. It is a conglomerate of different IT companies and offers games and casino management systems. Today it has a growing team of experienced developers, and their products find their place in different casino sites, especially in Malta based portals and destinations. It is making inroads into the US market as well.

Features of Altea Gaming Slots

Being a software developer of recent times, the company makes products that are innovative and incorporate game techniques that are state-of-the-art:

  • Altea Gaming online slots are divided into those that are free and ones that need bets with real money to explore;
  • The free titles are several and include popular ones like Black Swan, Cleopatra, 3 Amigos, Diamond, Crazy Shark, Golden Cookie, Precious One, Mega Power and several others;
  • Most of their products are designed with proprietary technology and integrate with Paladix Casino Management System on which most of their software run;
  • The games are included and offered through an effective content management system which is API and AGP enabled;
  • Altea Gaming offers its own software that works through the systems mentioned above on several associated casino sites;
  • The back-office management system of the company ensures the smooth running of their slots on different platforms, and reports are generated for the company across the well-integrated network;
  • Their portfolio of mobile games is vast and growing; they have a unique touchscreen-based technology that forms the base of most of their software;
  • Most Altea Gaming slots are designed based on HTML5 and Flash technology; their games are designed to run on instant play mode, and there are fresh offerings every month.

How to Choose an Altea Gaming Slot?

There are different slot titles of this provider. In order to explore the features of the titles keep certain points in mind:

  • Ensure that the casino site you log into is a licensed platform;
  • Choose a title that has a free play option. This will help you explore the distinctive features of the titles;
  • Once you are convinced of the gameplay and bonus features, only then choose to wager on the lines;
  • Opt for Max Bet option when you wish to try a jackpot slot;
  • Check RTP of a title before you start since this gives an idea of the kind of returns you can expect.

Why Play Slots for Free?

Like other software developers, this company also has a range of Altea Gaming slots online for free. When you click on a title for a trial mode or the one that can be tried with free money, you are eligible to explore the different options. You can try combinations of bets, either choosing to spin a few lines with a nominal amount or you might want to place maximum bet on the lines. The free versions allow you to understand how the wagering options lead to different features unfolding in the game. Once gameplay is understood you are encouraged to try with real money in a site.