1x2 Gaming


1×2 Gaming slots is a new name in the online casino industry in spite of the fact that it is quite old. This company has been in business since 2003 and has released dozens of games. The headquarters of the company is situated in Brighton, the United Kingdom. All of their slots follow the virtual sports theme and have 5 reels. Their games are very fast-paced and give players instant wins. 1×2 Gaming has many rivals that give a strong competition to the company like NetEnt and Playtech. Both of these companies are well-established and have signed deals with major online casinos.

Features of 1×2 Gaming Slots

One of the most prominent and consistent features we saw in 1×2 Gaming games was their humour. The developers at 1×2 Gaming really put a lot of effort in making each game funny and entertaining. For example, their Irish themed slot “The Craic” has a very comical vibe to it. If you like jokes and laughing, then you will love their games.

Another unique fact about their gambling titles is the absence of jackpots. Yes, they don’t have any jackpots in their games, and they don’t feature any special on-reel bonuses. 1×2 Gaming likes to keep their games as simple and clutter-free as possible.

You can play 1×2 Gaming slots online for free without any hidden charges. However, some of their games are not based on Flash or HTML5, making them difficult to run on smartphones and tablets. They have started developing their gambling titles using the latest technology recently.

1×2 Gaming has not done any big innovations in the online casino market. They stick to the roots and keep their slots very simple. The lack of any special features makes the games seem less interesting and take away a lot of excitement that other modern slots offer. This factor downright makes the demand of 1×2 gambling titles lesser.

Best 1×2 Online Slots Games

1×2 has developed a couple of hits in their time, and they have been releasing some interesting slots recently. All of their gambling options are packed with a fair dose of entertainment and humour. We tried their top rated gambling titles and loved 3 of them, so we have listed them below:

  • The Craic: The Craic is a 5-reel slot which shares a lot of similarities with some of the popular games. It is based in Ireland and features the good ol’ leprechauns. It has lucky 4-leaf clovers as well.
  • Piggy Bank: Piggy Bank is a medium variance 5×3 slot with 9 paylines. The visuals of the gameplay are fantastic, and the soundtrack fits perfectly with the theme. It is a highly popular slot in the UK. Its leading characters are bank robbers, a policeman, a piggy bank, and all the characters are pigs.
  • Star Bars: Like most of their slots, Star Bars is also full of jokes. Star Bars is inspired by the blockbuster franchise Star Wars; however, 1×2 added humour to the game by denying this fact. All the symbols featured in the game go like “Not Darth Vader”, etc. The gameplay is fantastic, and the rewards are great as usual. It also has a bonus round which you will enjoy.

Benefits of Playing 1×2 Gaming Slots Online for Free

They have multiple games of different genres. For example, you can consider The Craic. This game is simple, and it only has the free spins feature. It is sure to entertain you.

Their experience in the field of game development and gambling ensures that you don’t have to worry about the quality of the titles you play on their platforms. If you’re looking for a change and a reliable game provider, they are the perfect choice for you.


You might not have heard a lot about 1×2 Gaming slots online for free, but they develop some of the best low variance game in the industry. The lack of jackpots and bonuses really take away the thrill from their gambling titles, but even then, they have some great gambling options that you can check out like Star Bars or Piggy Bank.