Pay By Phone Casinos Online

What Is Pay by Phone?

Banking systems have also been quicker to address the dilemma of casino providers who initially had limited banking choices available to their subscribers. Payments methods that were enabled on the PC would not work on mobile platforms. Over time, however, processors specifically designed for mobile devices were developed. The current Pay by Phone opportunities enables nearly instant deposits!

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Deposit & Withdraw Using Pay by Phone

There are many Pay by Phone options on online casino platforms today. Among these are the well-known Boku and Zimpler. The primary deposit procedures are similar:

  • You first need an account with the desired casino that offers the mobile payment option before you proceed. Next, ensure you have your smartphone settings ready for mobile payments. Check that you have enough balance to cover your credit if you’re using a prepaid device.
  • You then head to the site’s cashier and pick on the company or service that you want to use in your transactions. Pick your cellular company from a list of options provided. This usually depends on the company that you’re dealing with. Enter the amount you wish to deposit and the mobile number, plus perhaps some additional information as prompted.
  • You will receive a message after a successful transaction. This only happens upon your confirmation. Your balance will instantly reflect in your account. You are ready to play!

Note that withdrawals are not enabled with this form of payment. You need to check with the site’s withdrawal options for convenience before you make your deposit.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Pay by Phone


  • Security – the best thing about this payment method is that it’s super secure. With this method, you are not going to share your banking or credit card details with any site while making deposits like you would on other casinos. Some online platforms get hacked sometimes, though on rare occasions. Your personal information may be compromised whenever this happens. Account security is, however, the least concern with Pay by Phone casinos.
  • Fast deposits – deposits are almost instantaneous. You can make your deposits in a matter of minutes once you’ve your account in place. Other forms of payments such as bank wire and credit cards tend to subject you to long hold periods.
  • A viable option for those without credit cards – not everyone has access to the credit card system. Other players may just not like the idea of transacting to gaming platforms on their credit card. Pay by Phone becomes an excellent option for anyone in these categories to make their deposits and play.


  • Limited phone providers – there is only a small number of phone providers working with processors like Zimpler and Boku to facilitate casino payments. You may have to switch cellular company if your smartphone is not optimized for this payment service.
  • Limited casinos – out of a vast number of casinos available, only a small figure accept this form of deposits. Players who are enthusiastic with the method have a limited number of choices.
  • Limited countries – not everyone has access to this method of payment due to the constraints from providers and payment processors. Pay by Phone UK and Australia is enabled while most other parts of the globe are locked out.

Pay by Phone FAQs

Do all Casinos accept Pay by Phone?

The payment mode has become a global service, but still, a few exceptions exist like the US where the method is not prevalent.

Is Pay by Phone safe to use in an online casino?

The transaction system is more accurate than a debit or credit card system. With this method, you don’t have to share your personal information, unlike the debit or credit card where this information goes through a site.

What is the maximum/minimum amount that I can deposit?

The minimum deposit is $10.

Are there any fees charged?

You will not be charged by your smartphone provider in most cases. You should, however, consider checking with your provider to be double sure. Check with your casino as well in case any charges apply on deposits

Can I use Pay by Phone in a mobile casino?

Yes. All you need to check whether your mobile gaming site offers this service.

How do I find a good mobile casino that accepts Pay by Phone? If you don’t know a reliable Pay by Phone casino, you may use Google to search through the available casinos and identify that which specifically meets your needs.


Pay by Phone is among the options that players need to consider in this modernized gaming world. We hope that countries without connectivity to Zimpler and Boku will soon access the service to offer the convenience in making instant deposits to a wider range of players.