Cubits Casinos Online

What Is Cubits?

It is a digital exchange platform used for buying, accepting, exchanging and storing Bitcoins. Cubits UK was created by Tim Rehder, Andreas Lehrbaum, and Julian Mautner and got launched in January 2015. Soon after its launch, it became one of the fastest growing Bitcoin marketplaces in Europe.

You can load your Cubit wallet using 17 different currencies. Also, the transaction through this method is completely safe since they store data on their offline server that reduces the risk of data loss. This makes it a completely safe payment mode.


Online gambling has been a crowd-puller from the last few years. This has made operators and software providers to enhance their services and bring on more comfort and ease to players. This includes the variation of games, registration process, easy to use interface, security, and so on.

One of the key element in online gambling is the payment method. Deposit and withdrawal of money require safety and security together with accessible payment modes. This has made numerous online casinos to bring about different payment modes. Out of which, Cubits is one of the safest and straightforward methods of transaction.


To use this payment method in the online casino, firstly, you need to sign up and create a Cubits account. It hardly requires a few minutes to enter the details. However, to become its verified member, you need to upload some of your IDs. However, it is not necessary to get verified, but unverified users have the daily transaction limit as €150 only.

Depositing & Withdrawing with Cubits

Cubits API is user-friendly and easy to use. It is similar to PayPal, Skrill or any other e-wallet. To make a deposit to your casino account, you need to choose this method among different available payment methods. Further, enter the credentials, and you will be directed to the service’s official site. Confirm the payment, and that is all. You are done. Additionally, the deposit takes place instantly, and you are not charged any transaction fee.

For the withdrawal also, your winnings once get released from your online casino account get added in your e-wallet. For the first time withdrawal, you may be prompt to confirm address via email. For the next withdrawals, this step gets skipped automatically.

Advantages of Cubits Casino

  • Safe & Secure

Since payment security is considered a vital element while choosing an online casino, this is no more concern with this method. In this, all of the funds are kept in a cold wallet (offline server). Also, new addresses are created for individual transactions that prevent the attack from potential hackers.

  • Accessible

The interface has been designed such that it can be used easily even by the first time user.

  • Easy Buy

It offers various payment methods to buy Bitcoins. This includes DBT, Credit/Debit cards, SWIFT, SEPA and so on. Also, it accepts 17 currencies as well.

  • Quick Transactions

There are numerous payment methods available, but most of them take at least 3-5 business days to complete transactions. However, all the deposits through it take place instantly.


  • Transaction Limit

The unverified user gets a transaction limit of €150 per day. This may hinder your gaming fun.

  • Only Bitcoins

Numerous cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Dash, are accepted widely by online casinos. However, this service transacts Bitcoins only.

  • Limited Access

Bitcoins are accepted in few countries only. This made some players deprived of this safe and secure payment mode.

  • Volatility

The Bitcoin’s volatility index is high as compared to other currencies that range about 3.51%. Hence, your Bitcoin buying and selling rates vary and may not be as competitive elsewhere.

Cubits FAQs

  • Do all the casinos accept Cubits?

No, not all the online casinos but a significant number of online casinos accept it. You can check the available payment methods in the payment option of the casino.

  • Is Cubits safe to use in an online casino?

It is one of the safest payment modes that can be used with an online casino. It uses a cold wallet where your Bitcoins are reserved in an offline server that prevents the attack from skilled hackers.

  • What is the maximum amount can I deposit via Cubits?

The transaction limit has been set up to €150 daily transaction for the unverified users. However, this limit can be exceeded for the verified users.

  • Are there any fees charged?

No, you are not charged any transaction fee albeit some charges are applicable to load the Cubits wallet.

  • Can I use Cubits in a mobile casino?

Yes, you can use it in a mobile casino that accepts this mode of payment.

  • How to find a good online casino that accepts Cubits?

Casino certified by renowned gambling regulatory body such as UK, Malta, Curacao, etc. are secured online casinos. The certification could be found at the bottom of the casino site.