Click2Pay Casinos Online

What Is Click2pay?

Click2pay is an online payment processor that has been used by casinos for many years in the online gambling industry. It has developed trusted relationships with even the most well-known brands and has ensured safe, convenient use when dealing with the players’ money. As a fully-fledged business that specializes in multiple areas, their most common practice is the use of their e-wallets. These are electronic accounts that let players load them with money and can use them to deposit into their favorite casino games. They are simple to navigate, easy to use and most of all they are treated with the utmost security. This means that Click2pay is not just trusted by casinos but trusted by their players as well.

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Depositing and Withdrawing Using Click2pay

The methods used to deposit and withdraw money applying this method can vary depending on the location of the player and their jurisdiction.

  • Almost all of the Click2pay casinos will have an instant deposit method. This means that when you have registered with the payment method, you can put your money into your e-wallet and then use it through the casino’s online cashier. Simply select this specific service from the payment options available. This is done through any credit or debit card merchant such as a Visa or Mastercard.
  • A 3% fee is charged for the service, so players should take that into consideration when deciding what to bet.
  • Other countries will use a wire transfer service instead of the direct debit. This method is free of charge; however, it will take longer to be processed, primarily up to 3 days.
  • Other methods can be a lot more specialized such as gift vouchers, special cards or local debit payments.

Withdrawing money works similarly to other varied choices. Unfortunately, it can be more expensive and time-consuming.

  • The most common methods used by its players is the postal cheque. This is the amount of money you wish to request sent to you by mail in the form of a cheque. This can take up to 3-5 business days, with a charge of £20. In addition, there is also a 2.5% foreign exchange fee.
  • Depending on where the player lives, there can also be more direct approaches to withdrawal. There is a way to directly withdraw funds at no extra charge or expanded time. A Click2pay debit card can be acquired by paying a fee of £10 and it can work exactly like a normal debit card except it can handle your casino enquires.
  • Other select countries can allow a regular bank wire transfer, with the same rules apply for fees and processing time.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Click2pay

Here is a list of reasons that you can benefit from using this payment method and a number of reasons to keep in mind:


  • The payment method is a well-known and trusted payment option. Being around for a few years has let the service built a strong reputation. This means that if casinos can trust them, so can the players themselves.
  • The service’s debit card is a brilliant way of both saving money and time. Though it is a £10 investment, it can really help players in the long run. It allows direct payments through both depositing and withdrawing, not to mention the transaction period is practically non-existent.
  • It definitely helps to have a variety of methods to choose from, especially for those in numerous countries. Even though Click2pay UK has a direct debit transfer, having the wire transfer and cheque options can allow players to choose which is most convenient for them.
  • An added layer of security is applied by the service, meaning that no direct financial information needs to be given when connecting to any of the casinos. This also means that none of the data has to go through a third party when dealing with transactions.


  • Due to the huge fees of depositing and withdrawing money, the payment method is not a good option for low rollers who bet minimal amounts. They are indeed higher when it comes to the other payment methods; however, this may be needed with the added layer of security.
  • The processing times can take up a lot when you wish to deal with more direct payments. Only the Click2pay debit card is the instant access options, meaning for the others you have to wait between 3-5 working days before you can have your money deposited or withdrawn.
  • US registration is not available and hasn’t been since 2007. The passage of UIGEA is a new regulatory body that has restricted US players from using the service.


Do all casinos accept Click2pay?

There are hundreds of casinos that accept this service as the payment processor has been around for several years.

Is Click2pay safe to use in an online casino?

There is an advanced version of SSL Encryption in use that protects information from all third parties.

What is the minimum/maximum amount I can deposit via Click2pay?

Different casinos have different caps. So far, there can be no limitations at all or with some it can range from £10 – £500,000.

Are there any fees charged?

Yes. The service’s debit card costs an investment of £10. Everything else requires a 3% fee with depositing, £20 charge of withdrawing plus 2.5% foreign exchange rate.

Can I use Click2pay in a mobile casino?

Yes. Many of the casinos equipped with this payment mode are mobile operational.

How to find a good casino online that accepts Click2pay?

Visit the website and trusted reviewers for top recommendations.