Amatic Industries

Established in Austria in 1993, Amatic Industries is a leading producer of casino software and their supporting infrastructure. The company’s portfolio includes slot machines, automated roulette, casino management systems, casino cabinets and lottery terminals. Amatic Industries has a strong hold in land casinos but has recently been on a successful mission to port their popular slots to online platforms, allowing gamers to play them from online casinos.

Features of Amatic Industries Casino Software

Amatic Industries has mastered the prowess of delivering amazing software solutions in the casino world. A player can expect to come across the following features when they interact with this provider’s software:

  • Automated multiplayer – This is showcased through the Roulette Grand Jeu, a feature that allows multiple gamers to participate in the roulette. Amatic have enabled the connection of this Roulette Grand Jeu to gaming cabinets. Therefore, gamers can take part in the roulette live, and when the seats are all taken up, more gamers can be given online access and still enjoy the same gaming convenience! Casinos with the Grand Jeu electronic roulette and the C24 machines can easily manage this connection.
  • 5-reel slots – Amatic is well known for its collection of slots that have 5 reels.
  • Jackpot solutions – Amatic Industries slots are accompanied by various jackpot features. These excite for gamers such that they always want to try out these games. The features include:
    • Stand Alone jackpots – singular jackpots that are won by achieving a given combination of symbols
    • Mystery jackpots – these can be pushed to all participating games

The jackpots are often progressive and can be in 4 categories of mega, mini, cash or micro jackpots. They increase with each spin. Amazingly, Amatic has made it more exciting to play for the jackpots by including animations during wins.

  • HTML 5 support – Amatic Industries online casinos are available and compatible with the computer and mobile devices. The use of HTML5 has made it possible to play games on desktops, smartphones and tablet devices, with a wide range of operating systems being supported. There is no limitation for iOS, OSX, Windows or Android. Through Amanet, Amatic’s online division, most of the popular land-based slots have been made available online.
  • Simplicity, Transparency and Security – Through their Video Lottery Terminal technology, the company has managed to segregate processing and payment from user experience, all of which run concurrently but in real time. A gaming server handles the backend processes of real-time processing while the front end allows the user to have the best gaming experience in terms of clarity, swift gaming and amazing graphical and sound features.

Choosing an Amatic-Powered Online Casino

There are multiple online casinos offering software provided by Amatic Industries. This is due to the fact that the company has positioned itself on the international level as a provider of quality software solutions. Top Amatic online casinos include the Spinia Casino and Yako Casino. There are various factors that one should look out for when choosing a casino powered by the provider. These include:

  • Bonuses – the more bonuses a casino offers, the more attractive it is. Many casinos offer welcome bonuses, among other rewards. A gamer should prioritize such venues as they’ll give them free betting options.
  • Free gaming options – There are Amatic casinos that allow players to enjoy games for free. These are beneficial to starters who would like to play for practice before they can bet on real money.
  • Instant and easy withdrawals – The games are powered to pay instantly upon a win. Therefore, a casino that allows one to quickly and easily withdraw their win is of high preference.

Benefits of Playing at Amatic-Powered Casinos

There are many goodies to expect from such casinos. As earlier mentioned, you are almost sure to benefit from jackpots. Secondly, one can play at Amatic online casinos at their convenience due to the HTML5 support offered by the provider. Gaming in such casinos is also easy as the company has great experience in developing user-friendly casino software.

In a Wrap

Playing Amatic Industries games is one of the best pass times that a gamer can have. This provider has proven itself as worthy of the highest accolades in the casino industry. The technology and focus on customer experience have seen them grow to a global giant among casino software providers.